Here is the cargo beast. Is huge, is slow, but can haul huge amount of cargo, have very good hull strength and decent shield. Add to it very solid jump range (loaded) and big fuel tank and you have the best (biggest) cargo ship in ED. For this ship exist only one competitor (Imperial Cutter) which is however locked behind high imperial rank. Ship agility is surprisingly good to my surprise (loaded it is ofc worse, but still ok). And with new wing trade missions, this is the best ship for assure you a good regular income. I named this one "Steel Bug".

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  • why didnt you go for the Type 10

    • bcs T10 is combat ship which is build to tank damage (while I prefer more evasive flying) ... this is trader of its own league after it was buffed during latest balance pass. It can use also SLF which I may consider put in (smallest Hangar size 5) when is engineering (ongoing) fully finished.

    • armed luxury transport. available for the most exclusive VIPs wish to journey in safety AND style. my chieftain is designed that way and i still have a 20ly jump range laden. I'm just too lazy and greedy for that $$$ to bother with going vis a vis with a crazy lady on some moon in the middle of the bubble...

    • get Orca .. this is real luxury yacht :)

    • If you were a pirate, what looks like a better target? sleek looking orca or tough looking type 10 (or souped up T9)

    • T9 bcs it is slow trader (however if you use some space for defense, its not easy target). T10 with all this firepower is not much appealing and Orca is too fast for any regular pirate maybe except pirate flying in a clipper.