Followed surprisingly coming Tip Off message about potential crash site. It was nice surprise found this wreck on given coordinates in Athena system (planet A2, Lat -10.49 Lon 26.65). Landing there was also quite difficult, bcs this planet had 3G gravity.

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  • Triple times the Earth's gravity? Ouch.

    • gravity have significant influence on ship flying, and there are also higher G worlds. However trying dock on 'heavy' planet is really risky and you can easily lose your ship especially if you use build with undersized thrusters (saving weight but making them 'weak')

    • These 3G were quite 'border' value for me, been there 4G, it could be too much and my ship could join that wreckage :)

    • I was using vertical thrust most of time to keep altitude, using only very gentle 'down' thrusts resulted in dozen meters falls, and strong shields had good use :)