Multicrew - guest on Petite Fraise "exploration" anaconda

As a guest in The Colonia space (so called 2nd bubble, is circa 22k ly from Sol) - Look from Gunner (crew) position on Neutron star in Wepai DF-A e1456 system. These neutron stars allow overload your FSD and multiply your jump range. In this case can Petite's anaconda jump to 255ly (!) far system. Neutron stars (and less White dwarves) cones allow long jump for a price ... they are dangerous! ... enter cone under bad angle (or in bad direction) and you are doomed. Many cmdrs lost theirs ships on stars like this one.

Comments 2

  • So i've got the basic technique for entering a white dwarf/neutron star and charging a FSD. But Do i set coordinates for the far away system (not sure of max unladen jump range atm. 5A on my Asp Ex) before or after i charge the FSD?

    • There should be fixed multiplier for these special jumps and I think that is better have set your next jump in advance. In context to this in 2.4 should be possible use route planning in navmap WITH these special jumps (and this should make this much smoother affair ... I didn't tested it myself, you need check in navmap filters setting how to do this)