Professor Palin’s Mission

Leaving Palin's base (engineer) in Maia system.

Before: I decided participate on community goal (with global rewards related to equipment able dealt with thargoids) in Maia system which is located circa 380 ly from Sol. After I arrived there for a first time, and docked on local station named Obsidian Orbital, I got special message from Professor Palin. He asked to deliver to him two Unknown Technology samples. This kind of stuff is not possible buy on market and is also highly corrosive, so have it in normal cargo bay results in continuous damage to your ship modules. With two samples it should be doable, but in open with ongoing community goal is every unnecessary risk leading to rebuy screen. I parked my anaconda (armed trader setup) in nearby system and translocated there small nimble Imperial Courier .. that ship is simply amazing, but more about it later. I reached Palin's base and equipped my ship with two anti-corrosive cargo-bays. Now I can have up to 4 corrosive things onboard safely. Time to find one special unknown things which I will need little later ...

Note: this bandwidth in bottom left corner give a warning if some other player is in the same instance. Number low as on screenshot means no one is near.

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