Thargoids encounters

Thargoids 2, humans 0 .. one federal corvette down.

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  • So essentially those guys are our Inner Core baddies on steroids? (In the meaning that they are by design the beefiest NPCs available)

    • kind off :) ... but it seems there's allot hidden and information very slowly coming out. You can have mostly peaceful encounters with them, it looks like they just search something ... if you have it, they attacks

    • one theory say that ancient build them and they in the end turned against them while destroyed ancients completely. Thargoids attack immediately if you carry any ancient cargo

    • Humans also have longer history with them (original elite) where was used kind of virus which was killing them

    • As player you had the choice to deliver to them vaccine and if so be rewarded with small thargoid type vessel built specially for human pilot.

    • Ah, so they aren't permanently hostile by design :)