Guardians ruins

Very atmospherics places with mystery around the unknown civilisation ... Who were (are?) these so called "Guardians"? Why Thargoids are going mad when find guardian-tech on board of ship? ... many questions, no answers yet ... but we will get them some day :)

Originally players needed visually locate these places ... CRAZINESS, but like many things also this was in time modified and now you can "find" these ruins when your ship get closer as 1k ls far from planet (below 1k it is now automatically detected and added as persistent POI). In Q1 update (impatiently waiting :) ) there are added to galactic map filters which allow "mark" all systems with known ruins.

Comments 4

  • Would like to search for loot there lol

    • it needs some SRV driving skills :) .. and you have there possibility use some from active obelisks in combination with certain artifacts for get positive "scan" which is part of one event and paid for each succesfull scan by 1M (internet have already guides which tells what combination should be used and where :) )

    • 1M?...Gonna get rich fast then... :D

    • ED have ways how to get moneys quite fast if you know how. But have big moneys quickly and get big ship too fast is not for this game good way (imo) how to play. Especially if you want to play in Open, where is expectable PvP on busy places. Slow regular progress and experience with small and smaller ships is priceless.