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  • Where do I write a new error report? The above Tab "Error reports and suggestions" takes me to my previously submitted ones, but I can't find the link to write a new one. Thanks

  • I've been reading somewhere here (SWAT Portal) about Jump Holes to the Inner Core. One from Omega 41 and the other from New Hongkong. Now of course I can't find where I read it. I've feverously search for the JH in Omega 41 without success. If there is one there, maybe a small hint on its location ...... Thank you.

    • Just read my Wall is not the best place to post and expect a reply. If no good here I'll transfer it ...... not now but later.

    • Omega 3, not Omega 41. Omega 41 has a certain jump hole that can lead you into a certain quest that will assure a smoothier IC sailing.

    • Ye ...... thought so. Is it out of order to ask which of the Omega 41 jump holes you are referring to? Gamma? Theta? Omega 5? Omega 11? Utopia? I understand from what I read, the system it takes you to has a huge asteriod and within it a jump hole.

    • Utopia. Another advice is to pack a Sunslayer Torpedo Launcher or two for fighting the drones. Land a Sunslayer on a drone's bare hull, see what happens.

    • Thank you