Diamondback Explorer

Diamondback Explorer is cheap ship with biggest jump-range from all ships available to players in Elite Dangerous. I equipped this one specially for raids on Guardian_ (ancient_civilisation) structures which are source of special micromaterials needed for unlock weapons & equipment available in tech-broker.

... Flight to first Guardian_ site was going smoothly (circa 1k ly with jump range around 53ly), but when you are there, it really need to have decent SRV driving skills. I was really lucky that I have meet on first site another commander which helped me look around and also shot guards on these places. These Guardian_drones are much bigger danger as common human skimmers. They also use missiles strikes (mortat type), which can be solved with point defense on your ship .. have three of four utility slots filled with PD and it was proven as really nicely working.

Guardian_structure is site hidden deep inside mountains with only very limited docking possibilites (small ships are perfect here).