View from Anaconda cockpit while docked at Palin's site in Maia system. Palin is engineer upgrading ships thrusters and he is/was deeply involved in Thargoids research.

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  • yo we gotta meet up and do something dangerous. That Chieftan is a two-seater and i'm in the process of kitting it out for optional multi-crew. I'm not sure how i feel about offset pilot seat

    • Believe me, for MC you really want have ship with SLF capability which Chieftain alas is not :( ... same goes for Python. I have Anaconda for such role and in preparation gunship. Is also sad that atm is not possible use SRV for multicrew. But with only two of us I hope there should be not big problem with instancing even if we are from different continents.

    • And I can move quite fast to locations which are not far from the bubble if it is needed (ASP jump range above 40ly .. can be more once I fully engineer it with 3.0 standards)

    • i'm somewhere in Alliance territory. about 40ish lightyears up from Sol

    • it would be nice to have like the pilot jump in the SRV while the copilot takes controls of the ship to maintain a close air support or aerial recon