I've did short break from exploration :) and used my main character for short trip into Upaniklis system where was found an generation ship which have live inhabitants on board.

This generation ship is part of new series of continued ingame narrative which allows participation on events and can have visible impact on galaxy. News about this can be read here: Inhabited Generation Ship Discovered - SWAT Portal

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  • Generation ship, something along the lines of FL Sleeperships?

    • slightly similar, however in ED it is about first interstellar vessles without hyperjumps capability and thus these vessels were meant for few generations before they arrived at planned destination. Before this was found numerous generation ships, but all dead (different fates, but similar end). This here is an exception.


      Generation ships are huge, self-sufficient craft from the pre-hyperdrive era, designed to deliver their original crews’ descendants to uninhabited systems. Launched in the 22nd century, the Golconda has survived for more than a millennium as the home of a self-reliant_ society.

      What I also like is the way how are generation ships implemented in ED. There are so called listening posts, in system or systems around, which gives "clues" about generation ships (not only) location. Also nice are audiologs which are prepared for these ships, for Goldconda you can hear them here: