Elite Dangerous Beta - Asteroid detonation

It's my first destroyed asteroid in ongoing ED 3.3 Beta ... there is need more tweaking, but mechanic looks awesome! :)

New mechanic for exploration/reveal stuff in ED works like:

  • Use built-in (latest change in Beta2 is built-in module!) Advanced Discovery Scanner for reveal Suns and planet orbits.
  • Entering scan mode (FSS) which reveals planets and theirs material composition
  • Flying close to the planet with mineable rings (ideally with pristine material reserves)
  • Using Detailed Surface Scanner (DSS) which fire probes to ring for reveal the best mining locations (DSS will also reveal all persistent POIs on landable planets)
  • In mining location use Pulse wave Analyser which reveals the best concrete asteroids for mining (I wish that this role can be done by DSS, but we are still in Beta atm)
  • Use new mining weapons for either scrap surface or subsurface or deep deposits. That latest is about destroy asteroid like is in video

It still need heavy tweaking (mainly for amount of produced ore), but I really enjoyed how it worked.