Trading with friend

Hornoch Prospect in Yaroklis system. I did yesterday few wing trade missions with friend (fellow countryman Cmdr StrasnyLada) and this was the last mission late in night when we arrived to destination at the same time and we got assigned adjacent landing pads. Our two T9s can transfer, in one run, little more as 1500 tons of cargo. We talked all the time in the discord's voice channel and this offered us allot fun ... in fact we ended with missions much later as we have planned on start :)

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  • that happens when two motormouths have to work ;)

    Btw. nice ship

    • Ty, I think that FD set really good flight mechanics for this ship. I avoided T series completely and it looks that it was a miss. I over Christmas purchased second account and when will decide build it for some basic operations I for sure will use T6 and T7.