Class I gas giant

This nice ringed gas giant was my randomly chosen stop for "farm" certain micro-materials for community goal which was really quickly going to its final 8 tier. Place had combat zones, close port and "Low" variant of CZ (combat zone). Perfect mix for my needs and I needed less as 2 hours to get enough micro-materials to end in TOP10% in already finished CG ... getting bonus 30M from it :) (just combat bonds alone were around 2M). I had modified war anaconda for this with SLF (also to draw attention from my ship), one cargo container filled with collector limpets and one 3A limpet controller (up to 2 limpets can control). With this setup it was smoothly ongoing and relaxing fighting, exactly something for my mood to. Money are not a problem in ED if one follow regular slow but steady progress like in CF :)

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  • Looks not that flat [or I am wrong an' that are the colors so to me it looks like a Gas Dwarf.The Gravitational Forces shapes Planets into a sphere especially Gas doesn't resist 'gainst that...You mean to tell me why do you call it Giant :) :)

    • :D such knowledge is out of my league :D

    • i mean, space is big. really big. It may look small because you're several million miles from it. everything is more relative in space, from distance to size to orientation.

    • ED is possible play also in VR .. I have no such experience, but there should be things distances and to this related "dimensions" very clearly visible. And planets size are really proportional in ED to bases/ships etc. Easiest for describe this is compare SRV vehicle with Anaconda ship ... if you put SRV in front of picture, its size look bigger as should be ... but when you get close to the ship, you will clearly feel how huge this ship is compared to tiny SRV.

    • here:…age/6729-Asp-Red-Pharaoh/ ... ASP is much smaller as anaconda and you can see how small is pilot chair in it. This ship not feels huge when you are in cockpit, but view like this can easily explain how wrong this feeling was :)