Meet your doom ... Fer-de-Lance is medium-size ship which excels only in one role - combat, but in this role is really very good. However I personally have needed more time to get used to her flight model. What makes this ship so exceptional are very strong lateral thrusters, which allows evasive manoeuvring much easier (especially when is used Flight Assist Off). Another special ability are six utility slots (common medium ships have 4) which can be used for shield boosters, chaff, heat-sinks and other utility stuff. Then you have here one huge hardpoint plus four medium ... this is where things starts to be tricky, bcs with lvl 6 distributor and tendency to overheat you need think few times what to chose. So far I have two setups which are working for me: one is using plasma accelerators, multicanons and one rail which is great for dealing high alpha-damage, but you have only limited ammunition. Second uses long range lasers (long range mod allows deal full damage over whole fire distance which is for lasers weapons very good), but due high energy draw from huge beam I need carefully work with ship energy.

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