For now in trading (210M) config only ... this vessel is not cheap.

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  • isnt the python better for trading? with the anaconda you are pretty limited to large docking ports

    • Yes, you are limited, but on other side with maxed FSD and with "low-weight" internals you can fully loaded (400 cargo) do aabove 18ly jumps. Python is the best choice for short qick trading, but if you need deliver more amount, you need big ship. Ofc now you can have even bigger haulers like is Anaconda, but from feedbacks which I heard .. they are ways worse for flying.

    • And I have on it 900+ shields and one shield bank + full turrets equipment. Smaller NPCs are melted in seconds. Not tried bigger targets, but atm its simply not meant like battlestation. On other side for such big ship I had feelings that I like more how it is flying when compare with Python :) ... setup here:….Aw18ZlA=?bn=Dark%20queen