Krait Mk II - 2

Krait Mk II view of the top side. It have Predator_ skin (that one imo fit well for this ship).

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  • A sun walker?

    • hmm, not sure what you mean, can you please explain what is meant with 'sun walker'? ... If it's suggestion for ship name then I like it, however I use 'Devil' (this ship will serve mostly for fight) and it may have some similar points.

      .. but is highly possible that I buy another krait and will use it for exploration ... and this name 'Sun walker' will be perfect for it, Thx!

    • ... there is few more different coloured predator_ paints and I think have idea which one will be perfect :-)

    • Sun Walker due to painting of the ship ;)

    • it fits, yes :) ... this paint type (predator_) is not much liked by many ED players, but also they like it on this ship :)