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  • Hi !

    Don't know where to do it so I guess it's the best, easyier and fastest way to do it...

    Rediscorevering my game I played many times when I was still in age to dream about the stars !!

    20 years later mod devs are still loving it...

    20 years later players are still loving mod devs...

    20 years later a man in rejuneving !!!

    All my thanks and my love ! <3

  • How do I disable the onscreen time and how do I disable the FPS counter

  • Amazing work thanks to ALL those who contributed to making Crossfire 2 what it is...

  • thank you for the privellege of playing crossfire. the respect to you and the continuation of hard work and determination to keep it uptodate with your creations. and thought s to still have it running today. one of the very few now. unfortunately i have fallen victim to freelancer not running on win 10/11. i,m am not computer savvy past tinkering here and there to get by. i attempted to transfer the whole thing from computer to laptop on a samsung flash drive. i wanted to be able to play it on any computer from the flash drive. ofc i stuffed it up. now i can,t get it to play on my desktop. in the end i have deleted everything.maybe with the sharp witted computer person out there might post a link that do,s the lot from a-z. but its got to complicated for me now. plug and play ofc was the best. like to say appreciate your time and effort and comitment. to crossfire.

    • I probably can help with that. I opened a conversation about this topic to discuss the details if you want.

  • By the way, what is the link Home appearing on the screen after Crossfire start up ?

    Thanks again


    • that is the website of the post processing shader that is used in cf

  • In multiplayer mode, after update download phase end before starting the game, my McAfee identifies the file DSAce.dll as a virus and the game stops. Any suggestion?

    Thanks and best regards


    • I don't use McAfee but usually Antivir tools have an option to do a detail scan of a file by uploading it.

      I am not sure if there is an option when the message appears of if there is an option directly in the McAfee interface. The only thing I was able to find is this instruction:


      Since all files of the mod were scanned prior release it most certainly is just a false positive in the heuristic database of McAfee. After submitting the file and getting the confirmation of that you can exclude that file from scans inside McAfee until it is whitelisted with the next update of McAfees Virus database.

    • Hi, file been excluded from scan and now it is ok: "We are back in business".

      Thanks a lot


  • And open SP was NEVER activated. Checked and doubled checked settings in the client. Nothing is cheked except "Vanilla FL (Legacy)" and Adjust to Desktop Resolution.

  • Sir,

    Your comment to me - "all save games since 1.9 are compatible with 2.0.1" did I read that correctly? My experiene again nowhere resembles that - again,

    1. Toleda mission automatically trashes my shio ind pputs me in a starflyer.

    2. There is no auto sequence of seeing the arifact with the group.'

    3. There is no race to the ships.

    4.Rienland shis are there, but docile - ther are no nomad ships.

    5. Trent is stuck on the landing pad with nowhere to go.

    A. Loaded all 2.0 save games to the proper folder - where retrieved before.

    B. Crossfire on statup shows zero saved games - except for those newly created since the start of the game.

    c. Mine is a high-end gaming computer with great ram, memory and processors in Windows 10. What pray tell is wrong that my newly installed 2.0.1 can;t even "see" past save gmes anymore and when it did - Trent was marooned on Toledo?

    • what you describe clearly indicates that openSP is active.

  • I want to apologize to all Crossfire 2.0.1 Developers in the sense that my ship was jerky and overcorrected all the time, took me 45 minutes to an hour and a half to kill a ship, and the whole thing was unplayable. I thought the upgrade did so. I learned however the fault was my system...not the mod. So for all I offer this...not all original thought but research. On a high end system, be sure to turn off mouse excelorater (SP) in mouse settings and maybe turn on "Vanilla FL" in Crossfire Client settings. This returned the performance of the mod to totally normal performance. I was very upset not being able to play one of my few favorite space games. I'm relieved and overjoyed it works again. Please accept my apology for any spurious comments.

  • Hello!

    Just wanted to say thanks for providing such an awesome experience with this mod. I've just started the Crossfire SP now that I've finished the main vanilla campaign and I'm even more excited to eventually get into the MP. Each system looks absolutely beautiful and the dogfights are engaging, challenging, and fair. Truly a work of art.


  • ty for the move of the caracters to the new account

  • and if posible (^_^)Cryla

  • there is 1 more Crylabv

  • ty so much

  • i couldent use the name...thats why i wanted to ask

    • you are right, i found it and moved it to the new account

  • 2011 i do have a new account Cryla87

    • 2011 is a bit old

      chars from back then are unlikely to still exist

  • is it posible to recover an account i had ? 1of the chars is caled Cryla

    • depends on when the account was used last time

      it generally is possible to move chars to a newly created account if they were in use in the past months

  • Hi!
    My account in the game was banned today for some unknown reason.

    In the New York system, if I bought any product, when I tried to fly out of the station, the server threw me out.
    I tried restarting the game several times, but now any attempt to connect to the server results in a message that my account is BANNED.
    I never use any cheats and always try to be convenient for other participants!
    There are 4 charms on my account... Previously (I played 10 years ago) on the 1.8 server, such a problem was possible if the account received 9 charms.

    Could you help me to have fun playing again, or give me some advice?
    (My nicknames in game: anyk99, anyk99-1, anyk99-2, anyk99-3.)

  • Greetings Sir, i'm a long time FL player like many of us here i presume, and have lately ben playing the game again. A few days ago i finally found the Frontierspace mod i used to love at some point, and tried to install and run it again. Unfortunately when i try to launch the game it just does nothing.

    I'm at a halt with trying to get it to work, could you please dedicate some time and help me out? It would be very much appreciated.

    I have Discord in case a faster means of communication is possible.

    Thank you!

    • I am not familiar with that mod and what problems it might cause.

  • hi op, i don,t know if this is a coincidence but time and time again the server seems to crash a lot and around when thahru and his multi chars come on. the clan has noticed that he has a watch ship in one system and moves other chars around in other systems. a tactic with two fold purpose. 1 he can see where everyone else is while he ambushes players and 2 so he can log off if we head his way for a scan or check up. i wish to go on record that this player is a cheat and do,s not play fair to others. he has ships in systems all over the place. we would like to know where all the money is coming from.$$$$$$$$$$.

    • money cheats would be detectable but the log show nothing. Ive seen multiple reports of server crashes on discord these days but everytime i checked the server it was up and running for +12hours without crash

  • I recently got Freelancer back again. I want to run the Crossfire 2.0 mod and I see nowhere to be able to download that mod. Can I cet some help in getting this mod plz ?

    • the mod is available in our filebase and at moddb

  • hi,

    i cannot write a ticket, because i do not have access, another window it is open when i try to open new ticket. lTSHl***Tribbs***accused me for nothing, because i did not utilize B&B in PvP combat.he apply low of jungle in my case to kill me for nothing(my be system have some deficiency, or they can apply some wrong bases only in ill founded claims)any way i thing it not so big deal to locked B&B in PvP to be sure.


  • Hi OP I would like to send you a PM regarding your post Community & Server /thoughts but could not find a way of doing this. Perhaps you could point me in the right directions.


  • Hi OP ,couple of questions Does BG have a page anymore ? if so can i get access pls

  • Hallo, meine ID ist vorhanden aber meine Charaktere sind verschwunden. Weis nicht mehr weiter.

    Lg Chaser

    • Welche Chars?

      Verschwunden seit wann?

    • Nabend, habe seit 2014 nicht mehr gespielt und wollte mal wieder reinschauen. Meine ID hatte ich mir damals ausgedruckt und jetzt wieder eingegeben, aber es waren keine Chars mehr vorhanden. Sie müssten alle mit chaser beginnen. Einer war ein Trader, ein anderer war Battleship. es waren insgesammt 5 Chars soweit ich mich erinnern kann.

      LG Chaser

    • Derartig alte chars gibt es nicht mehr auf dem server.

    • alles klar danke

  • Long time no see ;)

  • Hai OPS, my Account has been banned from the server today,I dont know why?

    Character name from this account : DRAGUN,DRAGUNcore,DRAGUNeagle,DRAGUNsmoker,DRAGUNcargo,Zoners.

    Once again thankyou for your help and best regards.

    • unbanned

    • Everything worked normal,thank you for your help OPS,best regards

  • Good evening, How do I go about getting a clan tag added to my profile on the forum? As I am now joining AS on freelancer.

    • is is automatically added once the clan leader has added you to the clan here on the forum

    • ah ok thank you for the response.

  • hi swat I'm stuck on mission 12 I dock on toledo planet after mission and its resets my ship all weapons are gone I have my credits still and says I'm rank 47 now but says next level requirement is 1.299.232 when my credits are 13.116.357 is that a issue or have I missed something.

    Also ive been flying around to try and trigger next mission I'm now rank 48 says I have a mission but nothing showing up

  • Recently returned to STO after a long absence, is there any active community with the Phoenix Legion Fleet there anymore. I know there used to be weekly meetups for updates and TFOs. Is this still a thing, every time I log on there doesn't seem to be anyone else online, but projects continue to be funded so someone at least is still playing.

    • The guild has been inactive for a long time already.

      The game changed at a point and it became very hard to find dedicated members.

      I few people still seem to be around and work on some projects.

    • I figured as much, such a shame I really used to enjoy this game, before life got in the way. Oh well I guess I can still play from time to time even without fleet involvement. Just a heads up it gives an option for high ranking fleet officers to take over since you have been inactive for so long. Might want to just log in from time to time if you don't want the game to kick you.

    • thx will do that