It was October 3305 when Karina left the Bubble with course plotted to 22k ly far Colonia region. She thought that she was well prepared for this journey, but like many others before she was wrong. After spending six months with intensive scanning and exploration of systems along planned route she was very close to the destination. Remained maybe only two thousands light years (ly) to closest inhabited system of Colonia, when she overlooked readings of the planet gravity during routine landing. It was "just" a 2G planet, but she has never done landing on heavier gravity world before and usual docking routine proved to be almost fatal. Impact with surface was rough, ship's shields immediatelly collapsed and the sound of the deforming hull was deafening. Ship hull integrity was reduced below 20% and most of ship's vital modules were severely damaged. It was another lesson learned in a very hard way, but thankfully she survived ... for now ...


    After she got initial shock under control

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