Freelancer Crossfire


In my quest to find the Ultimate Space Adventure I read article after article and forum after forum for the perfect game. I played Jumpgate, Independence War I & II, looked into Freespace which I hear is the precursor to Freelancer, X, Darkspace, Allegiance, played Master of Orion I & II, Wing Commander which I heard was good, Star Trek & Star Wars sagas, I even installed "Star Wars X-Wing Alliance" which was supposedly one kick ass game for it's time, until 2010 when my quest led me to Freelancer.

In the first year I owned the game I played it twice, I liked it so much. I even became a member of the Hamburg server for a short time - if I remember correctly. After playing Vanilla twice I went on another quest to find an even better experience than what Freelancer gave me, and came across a forum where someone mentioned Freelancer Expansion Mods...Not being able to resist this new knowledge I looked into them all, and Crossfire was the most appealing.

Once again I was blown away by the Freelancer Crossfire experience, and even more so once I joined the Multiplayer Server and Forum....So here I am a member of by far the best SP & MP Galactic Gaming Experience I have played in a long time, and Here my Quest has Ended.

God of Kings]Horus[Hotepsekhumui


:salutes Have Fun and Fly Safe 8).