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    Crashed ship

    Note: this article may contain references to the biography of Martind Forlon.

    Commander Forlon has awakended in pilot's chair of his Hathor with a very sore head. Beer botles lying in big numbers on the floor around the chair were perfectly fiting to the mood he was in for no less as last few weeks. It all started with a messsage from a courier returning from Colonia region which was paid to search all information about Karina or her's ships which she owned and used on her exploration journey. The courier was able found numerous traces of her travel on stations along route to the Colonia, but it were two months already when she left the Polo Harbour, which is one from last stops before Colonia region where she not arrived yet. There were countless reasons why it could happen, including exploration of free space which looks there much different to the Bubble. Forlon also knew well that space can be very dangerous ... still, it was him who opened access to the stars for her, and just the

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