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    Damn... Well, its THAT time of the year. Sitting home near the fireplace, browsing the web, doing absolutely nothing. And then, boom, it strikes me. I'm a senior, what the heck am I going to do with my life? I've been browsing colleges, academies, all kinds of schools looking for something that may poke my interest. So far, just one. IT Academy. Enough choices, perfectly balanced studies plan, and what I was looking for the most, certificates that are valid worldwide. Now don't get me wrong, they all got certificates, but most of them are just valid in the place I live, the Balkans. So far, I'm really into this, as it has 2 things I'd like to apply for. It's either Programming, which is very thorough, with enough things to study, and alot of free will while studying, and than there's Multimedia. I already have the basic knowledge for this, and I'm torn apart here. Pick programming, which is awesome, or pick multimedia, for which i already got basic (well, lets say intermediate)

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    When I'm not cruising the Crossfire Universe

    Usually a few times a day I'm reigning carnage down upon my enemies here:

    Medal of Honor Allied Assualt MP - [<MLS> Major League Stoners ] TFA server, as Death Becomes You.
    Believe it or not these servers are very active even to this day, and from what I've heard way better then the new MoH servers.

    Whenever I need some good 'ol FPS in my day, I log on - Kill, Carnage, Mayhem, & Death then log off...Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that was refreshing - Now back to Crossfire!

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    I could nt expect such the interesy to my top work with "Chronicles of Guardian" books.

    Well... It's pretty basic work with paint but much better than nothing when I'm working with my book. So, that map is special translation version. But it's only the part of the whole event map.

    I hope someone will enjoy it.

    P.S. CF is the "World of Technologies II" here.

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