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    After a long day he decided to get in his mining ship to make some profit aside. without being bothered and mugged or even disturbed or molested by other individuals, pilots, aliens and whatnot.

    minding his own business, he recognized some red flags going off near his dashboard. Alerting him to pay a bit closer attention to the surrounding individuals, who must have pissed someone off really bad, since they had a nice, shiny, blinking sack of credits attached to their heads.

    Not even thinking twice about it, he immediately jumping out of the seat of the mining ship and right into the seat of the fighter ship, which is always fueled up, well maintained and ready to go.
    Checking the scanners around, he discovered one pilot going from the corridor through Nephele towards X-3043. Checking the own system he decided to fly from New Tokyo towards Hokkaido, Chugoku and aiming for X-3043.
    The luck must have been on his side, since the fellow pilot flew right into his wings (sorta) getting

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    Yesterday, on a nice saturday evening I decided to start the engines of my vessel again for a nice trip, after bringing my wife to bed.

    Jumping in the pilot seat and launching into space, flying around in New London and meeting several guys in several bars around this precious system.
    A few minutes later I recognized that I was not the only one from SMG flying around in space by this hour.
    After hailing my comrade and having a bit smalltalk about what happend so far, we did recognized something weird.
    A CFPD pilot was lurking around in the safe heaven for new pilots (other call it New York) being in a very low leveled (1) vessel and probably talking others into crazyness.
    Then this pilot changed his vessels and was spotted in his untouchable ship. Well, his decission but still very suspicious.
    After lurking around in the second ship he changed vessels again and popped up in a vessel which was located in the training space called Arena
    Still no way to get a hold of him, since he

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