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    It was early in the morning. The sun did not even appear at the horizon and I decided to jump into the pilot seat of my vessel.
    Checking everything before launching into the dark space of X-3043 which was awaiting me. Everything ok. So.... go for it.

    The docking ring closed behind me and I was on my own. Surrounded by some ASF and some CSF fighters defeating each other.
    Not bothering with their business, I discovered some human pilots floating around and apparantly being bored.
    Then I received some hails from 3 fellow pilots being in the dark space of X-3043 as well.

    My original plans have been to pay Tarsus a visit again, since by this time I recognized 2 CFPD members along one IOC member being busy with one poor pilot.
    Probably trying to make him leaving Tarsus.

    Since I did not want to interrupt the fun of police with help of a mercenary ripping appart one poor pilot. I had a bit smalltalk to the other pilots who hailed me a second earlier.
    It turned out that those pilots are

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