he flew, he shot, he collected

After a long day he decided to get in his mining ship to make some profit aside. without being bothered and mugged or even disturbed or molested by other individuals, pilots, aliens and whatnot.

minding his own business, he recognized some red flags going off near his dashboard. Alerting him to pay a bit closer attention to the surrounding individuals, who must have pissed someone off really bad, since they had a nice, shiny, blinking sack of credits attached to their heads.

Not even thinking twice about it, he immediately jumping out of the seat of the mining ship and right into the seat of the fighter ship, which is always fueled up, well maintained and ready to go.
Checking the scanners around, he discovered one pilot going from the corridor through Nephele towards X-3043. Checking the own system he decided to fly from New Tokyo towards Hokkaido, Chugoku and aiming for X-3043.
The luck must have been on his side, since the fellow pilot flew right into his wings (sorta) getting [AX]SLARRE into his crosshair, he immediately opened fire without any hesitation.
Any attempts from the target, to evade and any tries to flee the gunfire and incoming missiles went into dust, so did his ship.
And the bounty being placed on his head has been transferred into the very tired mercenary SMG_AD{Rogue}.

The second bounty flying around required him to travel as fast as possible from Tohoku (where the first bounty has been collected) all the way down to Frankfurt.
Finally he caught up with BG_Haggisfudge6* in the Bering system, where his ship blew up into dust as well.
It has to be said that the second pilot must have had some sort of malfunction in this weapon system, since not a single shot has been fired from his guns.

Money is more important than any mercy, since a family has to be fed.

His job being done successfully, he docked his ship and jumped out of the pilot seat right into the bed. :)

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  • You can dream about to the moment i jumped you in ur bedroom and arrest you for the sake of the reality? :P ;)

    • Bond. you jumping me in my bedroom? yuk. meet my 9mm and his best friend the almighty 45. just for a reality check. ;)

  • i agree martind all pilots are potentional enemy ,i have had many bounty on my head and am very weary of who,s around checking all the time before i undock

  • veni, vidi, vici :)

    • exactly :)

    • hmmm, ... some police should have an eye for looking at cold blooded killers-for-money :D

    • what's better. a pilot flying around and robbing other's of their hard earned cash or a pilot flying around and"cleaning off" other's, making then not having to worry about being chased for a shiny bling bling on their head. ;)

  • If is bounty active on pilot - could be good idea that he consider all mercenaries as potencial enemy during all the time when is bounty active.