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    Heavy spoilers for Lost Fleet update ahead! Unless you completed it OR aren't bothered by spoiling the update, DON'T OPEN THE SPOILER.

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    ............... hello ?

    ..........what happened?

    ......... where am I ?

    The eyes slowly opening, barely realizing the location nor the actual time or day.

    It seems that I am not in my ship, nor am i even in any familiar place.

    ....... there is someone, I can ask.


    Oh .... my ...... god.

    I just learned what actually happened to me.


    I seem to have been engaging in a lot of battles, putting myself at risk for the greater good. Or was it more for the greater reward?


    Long story short.

    That ugly nurse just told me that I have been in a medical induced coma for more than 2 years.

    My personal belongings have been stored in some sort of chest tucked away for the rats to build their nests in.

    My ships have been transported all over the place and under my pillow I found a piece of paper with some scribbles on it. I assume that those scribbles are my own notes I wrote down before I was taken down and passed out.

    I can remember a few things.

    X-something, Hiruga

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    Unless you have already completed the Lost Fleet mission, TURN AWAY AND DON'T OPEN THAT SPOILER.

    Guys, seriously, don't. There's a lot of amazing stuff out there, it's best to do that mission first than to spoiler your experience.

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    It's amazing how fast time flies when one doesn't keep track of it. Though I can't be blamed for not keeping track of time when I was stuck on DS17 analyzing data from the recon reports and DS17's own intelligence systems.

    After the Weth Standoff, the Great Doms went dormant for some time. No doubt planning something. So I had to remain vigilant, even as DS17 grew emptier. I could understand that though. Some had business to do in Sirius or even in the furthest reaches of space. Some had loved ones back home.

    Speaking of which, I managed to catch a lot of flak from Mom when she heard what happened during Operation Restoring Health. Yet I can only imagine how much flak Dennzio got from his wives. Which might be the reason why I haven't seen him in a while.

    However soon I've heard from another of my friends.

    -Hello, Ajay. I see you're still flying around Inner Core - Forlon said through the commlink.

    Martind Forlon, founder of TSH and former leader of Silver Arrows, has recently

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    Looking back since I wrote my previous entry, I don't think I would ever imagine that the situation in the Galaxy would shift so cardinally.
    Or maybe I did imagine that and have forgotten about it.
    So... first things first? Deep Space Motherflakking Seventeen. The first stronghold of the Mankind on the way of Great Doms' conquest, and hopefully the first nail in said conquest's coffin. Something to get humans to finally man the flak up, stand side by side, hold the flakking line and throw these invading aliens back from whatever galaxy they came. Simple, right?
    Unfortunately, some human arseholes disagreed. Even I didn't expect the sabotage attempt; even though we worked around it and managed to get the station running. What followed was a number of supplying operations to upgrade the station. Quite soon the first operations that used DS17 as staging base took place. I still have fond memories as we discussed Operation Podstava and Operation Countercharge together with other pilots. And

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    Data Classification PDAT-378. Release of fragmented report by order of CI-311. Report of Incident #00139 and datafile #0001 received by Special Operations Receiver Alice Valent. Report As followed:
    -Known to suffer delusions or even hallucinations. &*(##$&^! [ERROR UNKNOWN LINK BREAKAGE. IFF ID FINDER OFFLINE. Target Codenamed ARUS]
    -It Would seem I need to have a word with a *#$%%$^ on carrier. [ERROR SECURITY BREACH ATTEMPTS DETECTED ON RAGNAROK-359. Pilot: [GR]AZ09]
    -Probably. I think **$^&#^@ modify ^^#&*$(@) Air Synthesizer. Running diagnostics. -ARUS [ERROR UNKNOWN VIRUS DETECTED]
    -*#&@*@ bombs in ship,sabotage,*#&$^@!? attempted to hack #*$ ship. -AZ
    -Locating transmitters. I know #&@^^% Canteent requested IC specimens. @#^$&% Hacking attacks*#&$ in IC.*&#^$% target life support.Currently in exoprotection suit. Canteen@!? ghost are related to any Inner Core aliens.- ARUS
    -(#&$ in combat assault gear,#($&@@! used for assault missions on unknown environments. -AZ
    -DRIC has botched

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    Ajay's Story 2.0: The Intermission

    Author's Warning And Notes: This chapter contains no action at all. I was just itching to write something for the story.
    Some real people (or at least their RP characters) are mentioned in the story. Feel free to point out any mistakes I might make in their portrayals.
    I also might be venting too much of my feelings into this, and probably I'll delete this soon. Read at your own discretion.

    -Canteen, I finished my report. Here to present it in person, as by your request. - I said, entering Flyagin's office on Coalition HQ.
    Neither of us have been aboard Coalition HQ for quite a while. However since the plans for a new IC operations have surfaced, he opted to return to desk job, using direct access to Coalition HQ's mainframes to compile data from recon pilots such as yours truly.
    -I'm glad to see you, Ajay. How's your shoulder?
    The shoulder in question got nearly busted during Operation SANRAI by an inside fragmentation. Closer to the end of the

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    Ajay's Story 2.0: "Truth I Couldn't Bare Part II"

    -Okay, now explain the stop in Sigma 17? - Flyagin asked.
    -I donated some guns to a friend - I replied.
    We were sitting in Stranger's cockpit, awaiting launch sequence.
    And I still couldn't quite shake off the shock. The Datapad Of Doom, I have to admit, was nearly too much for me to handle. Though to be fair I always knew [DATA EXPUNGED] was a b_tch.
    And now Flyagin needed a safe, secluded station as far away from human space as possible. Well, I knew one such station...
    -Maybe Lost Paradise is worth considering? - he asked.
    -Still Sirius, also it's Nomad space. The Order might get interested in it. No, Canteen, I have a better idea.
    We flew from there to Omega 3 without landing, where I landed the ship on GMG observatory to set a location point in an Emergency Warp Drive and then used the Hypergate.

    -I wish we had the Baneblade here - my CO said as we passed a Savage battleship with escorts in Venn.
    -I agree - I said. - Maybe Great Doms

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    Ajay's Story 2.0: "Truth I Couldn't Bare"[1]

    The message from Flyagin I recieved was surprising. Mainly because it told me to stay in Weth and wait for him to drop by Stranger. Well, I knew the Baneblade already dropped by Inner Core and already destroyed a number of Great Doms' battlegroups, sapping the strength of their empires one battlegroup at a time. But I didn't suppose Flyagin himself was there.
    So when my CO finally entered the part of Stranger's cargo bay I modified into a living block, first thing I asked was:
    -What the ever-living FLAK are you doing here, Canteen?
    He chuckled and took a spare seat as I offered him some "Tarhun"[2].
    -I expected moonshine - Flyagin said, taking up the glass.
    -I'm too lazy to reassemble the still, but don't avoid the question - I answered and downed my glass, then poured myself more.
    -I need to talk with you here, on the territory so far out of human factions' reach. Seal the ship.
    I complied.
    -A crisis is looming over Sirius. If it blows up, it

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    After DarkMatter's sleep in a premium room in Nuetro Station that was worth around $12.000 credits, DarkMatter decided to go ahead on his journey. DarkMatter knew all of the troubles he would have ahead, but didn't realise however, how or what he was in getting in trouble with. DarkMatter settled into the cockpit of his Bullpup and launched from the space pads of Nuetro station.

    22th July 780AS
    Location: Nuetro Station, Custodian System
    Status: Alive and prosperous
    Nuetro Station: Freelancer Alpha 1-8 you are clear to launch, good luck out there..
    He had decided to check out the Planets that the trade lanes interact with. But however his peaceful fly was interrupted by a group of Outcasts, all wanting a chunk of his credits each..
    Outcast Gamma 6: Freelancer, you have been taxed for $312.000 credits, you are hereby required to pay, or manage to run away.
    DarkMatter could not run away or fight with these fighters. These were top-notch Wolverine fighters with their hardest hitting guns:

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