Part II

Since joining with the Blood Dragons, my call sign was altered to the |DP|Undefeatable. It must’ve been nearly half a year until they were able to trust me. I ended up working under Col. Myugu, a renowned Blood Dragon officer who was strict and precise. Apparently apprenticed under the legendary Lieutenant Ozu in his younger days, he used the knowledge given to him and became the hard ass colonel he is to this day. According to Myugu, the dragons had never had much use for using ships such as destroyers or battleships as they were mainly a faction that relied in raiding for resources or intel, but maybe it’d be time to start using them. The Kusari Naval Forces are cracking down on Blood Dragon activity majorly within the areas of Hokkaido and Honshu, and it’s time they respond with violence. The ends justify the means.

My first official mission with the Blood Dragons was to permanently damage Yukawa shipyard. The construction and repair rings on the shipyard are the primary targets. I would be taking two Blood Dragon wings with me. The difficulty wasn’t established but judging that we were about to mount a full on assault on a shipyard, i could tell it was not going to be easy. And the payoff? 500’000 credits and a step closer to the liberation of the Kusari People. Even if the credits weren’t much, it’s still a mission that’ll definitely go down in the history books.

Climbing back into the bridge of the Undefeatable, I set a course for the Honshu jump gate where I would meet up with the fighters. I received a transmission right before I hit the jump hole, where Col. Myugu was telling me if there was heavy resistance it would be perfectly okay for me to abort mission and get back to base. Of course, I was more then capable of taking out a few rings, but it was almost like he knew there’d be extremely heavy resistance there.

Jumping into Honshu, I was met by the two wings, Alpha and Bravo. We immediately made haste and activated cruise engines to get to the shipyard. All around, there seemed to be three weapons platforms and a small guard of Kusari Naval fighters. This was gonna be a breeze. The fighters began to engage our fighters and my job was to apply pressure and open fire on the weapons platforms and the rings. The KNF fighters were no match for our veteran pilots and after a small shootout between the both, the Dragon fighters stood victorious and started assisting in the destruction of the weapon platforms and the rings. However, our plans were stopped short when two Edo Class battleships suddenly launched from the shipyard and began to open fire. The destroyer was taking a beating from enemy fire and soon its hull was starting to take damage too. The fighters could only try to distract the KNF Battleships but to no avail. Pressuring them further, I continued to lay heavy fire on the shipyard and in what seemed to be a miracle, my forward gun managed to make short work of the rings, and the fighters gave me enough time to make a getaway. I informed everyone that we have succeeded and to head back to Kyoto

I managed to make it back with heavy hull damage but was nevertheless, cheap and easy to fix up. All throughout Kyoto, men and women of the dragons rejoiced and celebrated in the victory that had taken place in Honshu