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    As we know all,The Order, a secret organization formed to combat the Nomads, helps to rescue the Liberty president from the aliens.
    With the Nomads defeat, events return to normal in the systems.According to the theory of prof. dr. Itao Hamasaki from the University of New Tokyo,that the Nomads have sent out a final call before the wormhole of the Dyson Sphere collapsed and that the Dom'Kavash are back,they are searching for something.
    It is very surprising that Sirius and even Altair were not overrun by hordes of bio-mechanical ships yet.
    People started talking about presence of GR members in remote location belonging Nomads.
    The reason why they operate in the far horizon is because they operate far from the eyes of the diplomatic authorities.
    Because of these rumors a mercenary was hired to study this strange movements and his report is very troubling.
    His report suggest numerous meetings of senior executives of GR clan with high figures of nomads and kavash species on nomad outpost in

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