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    Just an ordinary evening in patrol, flying around in my new ship named Lady Hustler, hoping not to see any criminals in action.Only what i need right now is a few minutes in this like nirvana state to relax my self, so i close my eyes and went into the deep meditation.
    Feeling that some light years missing in my memory i've come back to reality whatever it is...

    Just to check who recently enter in my sector, i'll switched to scanner log events...freelancer, freelancer, freelancer, SA.., PX..., GoP..., an unidentified smuggler vessel , ...tzzt...omG again those interferences caused by 25 years old tracking equipment...Sometimes i have to ask my self, Does CF government mind about criminal activity at all? ...czzzt... wfsss...Ice...O_o... wot?
    Wait, this can not be?
    scanning, scanning...Holy pulsar, only one man is capable to fly in that piece of crap under such radiation...Ice, my school m8, my colleague from through the fog i remember the day when he left the

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