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    General information

    Ivara is best described as stealth Warframe.

    She can cloak, she can do stealth kills with her arrows and she can put enemies to sleep. Of course she has a few more tricks available but I personally do not really care about that.

    I use Ivara almost exclusively for two tasks. Animal captures on the open worlds and grinding the daily standing for Cephelon Simaris.

    Animal captures work pretty well because the animals won't see you when being cloaked and the sleep arrow can capture even larger groups of animals with just one shot.

    Being cloaked also is very beneficial when trying to get your daily standing for Cephelon Simaris since you can load into an exterminate mission and scan the enemies before you stealth kill them. One mission is enough to reach the daily limit.

    Note: The amount of standing you get per scan depends on the

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    General Information

    Hydroid is best at area defense and offers the option of getting 100% extra loot from dying enemies.

    He is not easy to use and requires some knowledge and if possible access to the Magus Anomaly Arcane aswell as the Pilfering Swarm Augment in order to be used effectively.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Hydroid's melee slam attacks have a 50% chance to spawn a Tentacle that lasts for 15 seconds. The tentacle seeks nearby enemies to grab and thrash them, dealing True damage per second, bypassing armor.

    Ability 2 - Tidal Surge

    Crash through enemies in a ferocious wall of water.

    Ability 1 - Tempest Barrage

    Target an area and call down a barrage of liquid fury. Charge this attack to increase the lethality of the onslaught.

    Ability 3 - Undertow

    Become a water trap and drown unsuspecting enemies.

    Ability 4 - Tentacle Swarm

    Tap to spawn

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    General Information

    Zephyr not long ago received an update and is meanwhile a really good Warframe.

    Her defensive abilities can maker her almost invulnerable to projectiles.

    She moves very fast using her Tail Wind ability, which makes her fly for a short duration.

    Her damage dealing ability is very strong and good choice for high level defense missions.

    The Passive ability is an highlight that should not be ignored as it increases the critical chance of your weapons when airborne.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Zephyr is lighter than other frames which changes her airborne physics.

    She also has a multiplicative 150% critical chance bonus on all equipped weapons based on the critical chance after being modded. This however only works when being airborne.

    Ability 2 - Airburst

    Launch a burst of massively dense air. Hold to send enemies flying, tap

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    General Information

    Wukong truly is the monkey king in Warframe.

    His passive makes him almost impossible to kill. Actually it prevents him from dying three times per mission and buffing him afterwards.

    He can use his Celestial Twin specter to "double" the damage you can do.

    He can create insanely high armor values and he can heal very fast when required.

    And yes, my Wukong has wings. I always wanted a monkey with wings. ;)

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Wukong can avoid death 3 times per mission using his five techniques. Randomly 3 of them will be choosen which avoids him bleeding out and restores 50% health.

    - primal forces: 300% elemental damage for 60 seconds

    - heavenly cloak: invisible for 30 seconds

    - cosmic armor: invulneratble for 30 seconds

    - monkey luck: killed enemies drop extra loot for 60 seconds

    - sly alchemy: collected orbs are 4x

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    General Information

    By many players Volt is considered an excellent Warframe, especially for Eidolon hunting.

    He has some unique benefits such as being able to increase his speed and that of other players and he can use shields to protect certain areas. He even can carry this shield as personal protection.

    Volt is the top choice for Eidolon hunting since shields can amplify the damage done. He is good at crowd control, but his abilities in regular gameplay on high difficulties are not strong enough to clear the map (on lower difficulties this works perfectly fine). He is good at focus farming on Elite Sanctuary Onslaught but on Steel Path and Arbitrations the damage output of his abilities is not high enough to kill enemies. He is still a good option for these high difficulties since his crowd control abilities

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    General Information

    Vauban is the King of Crowd Control.

    He can protect large areas and deal a significant amount of damage.

    However, Vauban is not easy to use.

    There are plenty of Ability Synergies you have to consider when using Vauban.

    He probably has more ability variations than any other Warframe in the game, which of course does not make the choice what to use an easy one.

    Abilities can be chained to make them more effective.

    The fact that casting some abilities requires holding the key while other abilities work best when being tapped can be a bit confusing somethimes.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Vauban inflicts 25% extra damage with his weapons and abilities, against enemies that are incapacitated and unable to move.

    Ability 3 - Photon Strike

    Drop a targeting beacon that calls in a devastating laser artillery strike.

    Ability 1 - Tesla

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    General Information

    Titania is one of the fastest Warframes in the game.

    The playstyle is similar to using an Archwing. Titania can fly and has two special weapons she can use while flying.

    She is very fun to play and allows the completion of certain mission types ultra fast.

    You might need some practice due to the increased speed, it takes some time to get used to that.

    She has some very good damage reduction while flying and barely ever takes damage due to her speed.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    +25% Bullet Jump and Rolling distance.

    Casting her abilities rejuvenates Titania and her allies within 15 meters, granting them the Upsurge buff which regenerates 4 Health points per second for 20 seconds.

    Ability 2 - Tribute

    Cycle through and extract one of the four Buffs when cast on an enemy. Thorns reduces incoming damage. Dust degrades enemy

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    General Information

    Octavia is Warframes dancing queen.

    All her abilities are based on music, which allows a very high degree of customization. That also means that she is not so easy to setup and handle.

    She also might turn out to be a bit expensive if you go too deep into detail since instrument variations costs extra and only can be bought with platinum.

    Octavia draws all her power from the music created by her Mandachord, a music instrument you can freely config (if you are patient enough and willing to spend platinum on the already mentioned instrument variations).

    Alternatively you can go for the default song setting... which is fine.

    Custom songs can be created, stored and loaded from a playlist. Stored songs also can be played on your Orbiter radio.

    If used correctly Octavia can be one of the most powerful Warframes even on very high

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    General Information

    Oberon has godlike healing abilities which also apply to squad members and summoned allies.

    His healing abilities make him almost immortal

    He lacks a bit useful offensive skills but utilizes radiation damage to force enemies to attack each other.

    Depending on the enemies this cause a significant amount of damage while Oberon is no longer the primary target of the enemy gun fire.

    Companion pets receive large buffs when used with Oberon.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    +25% Health, Shield and Armor links for Kubrows, Kavats, Predasites, and Vulpaphylas aswell as one instant revive for them.

    Ability 1 - Smite

    Focuses deadly energy within a target and then projects it outwards, damaging both the target and surrounding enemies.

    Ability 4 - Reckoning

    Quickly lifts enemies into the air and then hurls them down with conviction.

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    General Information

    Nezha looks great and also feels good to use.

    The defensive ability works similar to Iron Skin but with a damage dealing bonus component.

    Nezha non-stop can remove status effects while applying heat status effects to enemies. Reminder: The heat status effect is ignite which strips 50% armor, makes enemies panic and also causes some damage.

    His abilities are not the best damage dealers but they remove armor which makes enemies vulnerable to damage from all sources.

    Nezha also is a very fast Warframe.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Nezha slides 60% faster and goes 35% farther.

    Ability 2 - Blazing Chakram

    Hurl a flaming ring that sets enemies ablaze making them vulnerable to any damage. Flaming enemies drop Restorative Orbs on death. Charge to amplify the power of the ring, and reactivate to instantly travel to the ring's

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    General Information

    Mesa is a gunsligher through and through.

    She is one of the most powerful damage dealers in the game and perfect choice for very specific tasks.

    Missions like the quest to get the blueprints for the Protea Warframe can easily be done using Mesa while many other Warframes struggle with this task.

    She is also a very good choice when fighting Sentients since her 4th Ability can easily kill those.

    During Operation Scarlet Spear having a Mesa in the space team made the gameplay significantly easier and faster.

    Whenever much damage is needed Mesa is a reliable choice.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Mesa gets a +50 health bonus if no melee weapon is equipped.

    +15% fire rate with dual wielded sidearms.

    +25% reload speed for one handed sidearms.

    Ability 1 - Ballistic Battery

    When activated, this power stores damage caused by guns. When

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    General information

    Frost is a very defensive Warframe.

    His abilities focus on freezing enemies, debuffing them and protecting locations with his snow globe.

    You should not expect him to a big damage dealer. He is best using in point defense missions or as a support Warframe.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Frost has a 10% chance to freeze enemies which attack him with melee weapons.

    Ability 2 - Ice Wave

    Sends a wave of razor sharp, crystallized ice toward an enemy, dealing heavy damage.

    Ability 1 - Freeze

    A frigid energy blast that freezes targets in their tracks.

    Ability 3 - Snow Globe

    Frost deep freezes any vapor and moisture in the area, creating a protective sphere with brief invulnerability to boost its strength.

    Ability 4 - Avalanche

    Summons a treacherous landslide of ice that instantly freezes and shatters all enemies in its radius.


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    General Information

    Mirage in my eyes is an absolutely awesome Warframe.

    Her damage dealing abilities are outstanding and her damage reduction ability is also great.

    But Mirage is not a Warframe for beginners.

    It requires a high amount of environmental awareness to be able to use Mirage. What she does and also what she does not highly depends on knowing her abilities in detail and knowing where exactly you need to cast these abilities.

    Light and Shadow have a big influence on Mirage. In light her damage potential increases while in shadows her defense becomes stronger. You have to be aware of these conditions and adjust your gameplay acordingly.

    Just spamming abilities where ever and when ever you want does not work.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Sliding lasts 85% longer

    +50% faster Maneuver speed

    Ability 4 - Prism

    Fires an energy prism that

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    General Information

    I have to admit that I have my beef with Khora.

    She is an incredibly strong loot Warframe that can help you farm large quantities of resources. She is very effective at defending certain regions if the mission requires it.

    Her Whip can create red critical hits which instantly kills enemies. She even allowed me to solo the Steel Path interception missions with ease.

    However, I personally fail to get her to work in high-level Survival missions like in Steel Path or Arbitrations.

    Her survivability is not so great and I often run into energy issues if I don't use an energy restoration buff from the gear wheel.

    Of course would it be possible to use the Zenurik Focus school to gain more energy but due to I somehow have the wish to use Namaron instead for the reduction of the combat counter drain. Maybe this is my mistake.

    I also think

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    General Information

    Limbo is a mixed bag in terms of usability.

    It was much better but got nerfed because the mechanics behind its abilities can be exploited in certain game modes. This does limit Limbos usefulness on top of the fact that the abilities can disturb other players gameplay.

    If you play with others in a team you need to be careful how you play with this Warframe or you might see people leaving the match or complaining to you.

    However, Limbo is the secret weapon of certain game modes which require you to defend specific objects or locations for a specific duration.

    There also is a specific Elite Nightwave challenge which requires you to win 3 consecutive waves of Index without allowing the opponent to score even one point. Limbo can do the defense work for this challenge with ease and 100% reliability.

    Abilities (sort by usability)

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    General Information

    Nekros is my primary loot Warframe as he offers am awesome damage resistance combined with his looting ability which forces dead enemies to drop loot a second time. Unlike other loot Warframes Nekros is more mobile because his loot ability is not being cast onto a specific location, it instead covers a range around Nekros.

    His survivability is not based on his health, shields or armor (he really is very weak in this regard), but his abilities (if used right) make him almost immortal.

    The video below shows how easy Nekros is being killed when no abilities are in use and how hard he is to kill once his abilities are active.

    In my eyes Nekros is a great choice for Steel Path or other missions where you want to get specific resources that drop from enemies.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Nekros regenerates 5 points of health

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    General Information

    The immortal god Inaros in my eyes is not necessarily a Warframe that has to rely on abilities.

    His biggest strength is the sheer amount of health he has.

    While the default health value for most of the Warframes is 300, a well build Inaros easily can get over 10.000 health. This makes him "almost" unkillable.

    I am convinced that Inaros abilities can be used to kill enemies, I just don't use them for that purpose. His high health is an invitation for being lazy or for rushing into hordes of enemies using your melee weapons.

    Inaros is actually best to be used in combination with a Panzer Vulpaphyla since this pet can restore very large amounts of health if needed. The Vulpaphyla and Inaros actually can not die and are a perfect choice for very hard mission such as Steel Path or very long Arbitrations.

    Abilities (sort by

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    General Information

    I consider Ember a very powerful and tanky Warframe which is good for all kinds of mission.

    However, Ember requires a bit of coordination when being played. You have to consider a few limitations related to her abilities and have to adjust your gameplay accordingly.

    If done right she can be the top damage dealer of the team. If done wrong drains all your energy within seconds and leaves you with no protection.

    She can melt large groups of enemies and kill most boss enemies with ease if used in the right way.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Ember gains 5% additional Ability Strength for every enemy having an active heat status effect in 50m range.

    Ability 1 - Fireball

    Charge and release a fiery projectile that ignites enemies on contact.

    Ability 3 - Fire Blast

    Slam the ground to create a wave of incinerating plasma that knocks

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    General Information

    Atlas certainly is not the easiest to use Warframe in the game and is in my eyes very limited in his build diversity.

    He is not intuitive to play and requires to know what ability to use in which situation and also which weapons you need to take into combat.

    It took me some time to notice how I actually can deal some damage to higher level enemies with this Warframe.

    He is a bit tankier than most of the other Warframes but nowhere in the region of Rhino or Inaros.

    If modded correctly his abilities can be very powerful.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Atlas is immune to knockdown.

    Ability 2 - Tectonics

    Summon a rock-wall, activate again to send the rocks crashing towards the enemy.

    Ability 4 - Rumblers

    Summon two elemental stone brawlers to the melee. Summoning petrifies enemies in close proximity to Atlas. When finished,

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