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    TRAJECTORIES 18053310

    ## Commander's Report - Cmdr Swarthos, Destrukiton

    **Date:** 18053310.00 **Time:** 15:44 UTC

    **Subject:** Incident Report: Planet Hyuedau PP-F d11-2 & Bounty of Discovery

    This report pertains to the recent incident involving my Fleet Carrier, Destrukiton, and the survey mission on planet Hyuedau PP-F d11-2.

    The initial jump into the system was routine, but the unforgiving gravitational pull of the planet Hyuedau PP-F d11-2 caused significant course deviation. The autopilot attempted to correct, but the force was too strong. The resulting impact, though minimal, resulted in minor damage to the starboard dorsal thruster. Thankfully, the repairs were swift, executed within 24 hours.

    Despite the initial setback, the planet Hyuedau proved to be a treasure trove of discovery. Upon conducting scans, I detected the presence of five distinct biological varieties, previously unknown to the galactic database. I secured samples of each species, culminating in a lucrative deal with

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    ## Situation Report - Fleet Carrier Destrukiton

    **Date:** 3310-05-15

    **Time:** 18:00 UTC

    **Location:** Achilles Altar Sector, Hyuedau XH-B b42-0

    **Comms Status:** Secure, limited range

    **Reporting Officer:** CMDR Swarthos, Commanding Officer

    **Mission Objective:** Continue exobiology research, marker Tritium hotspots, conduct reconnaissance for new discoveries.

    **Current Status:**

    * **Exobiology:**

    * Ongoing exploration of planetoid Hyuedau XH-B b42-0 B 4. We have identified two new species, with potential for further analysis.

    * One specimen, denoted “X-17”, exhibits unusual bioluminescence and may be a previously unknown strain of the genus *Bioluminidae*. Detailed sample analysis is underway.

    * The second species, a fungus-like organism “F-38”, has shown aggressive growth patterns and exhibits a high tolerance to radiation. Further investigation is warranted to determine potential hazards and application in bioengineering.

    * **Tritium Hotspots:**

    * Our team has successfully marked one new

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    Megaship Adamastor

    Note: this article may contain references to the biography of Martind Forlon.

    While relaxing in local station bar I opened Galnet and read latest news. One from articles called "Ghost Ship arrives in Chukchan System" raised my interest. At first I thought it will be one from those old huge Generation ships (usually found as abandoned wrecks), which were able travell only at sublight speed, but then I found some notes saying that this may be something little different. I not needed much time for deciding to go there, and thought which ship may be the best choice for journey there. In the end I choosed my newly purchased Imperial Clipper which I equipped for survival in hostile space ... news like that always attract also rogue commanders and possibility to be attacked are high. However in so fast ship, like Imperial clipper is, and which is equipped with high capacity fast recharging shield, can pilot feel quite safe, unless he do bigger serie of own mistakes. Nice look, very good

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    Leaving Mammon Monitoring Facility

    Note: this article contains often references to the biography of Karina.

    Karina was very nervous when she entered building with offices of her father in Yaroklis system. It was quite unusual state for her, but she spent enough time already with thinking about what she is doing and what she want to do. Local office security system was active when she entered and it meant that she was here alone ... it was quite a relief for her, she had fear, despite all previous support, that father may trying to persuade her to abandon her's idea about going to a long journey "into the black". She have continued into central part of the offices and then entered the director's room. In the centre of a large, modern equipped room, was placed big wooden desk. Karina headed for it without hesitation and put on it an short hand-written letter:

    Hello, Father,

    I've decided to leave the Bubble and visit the Colonia region. We both knew that it will happen one day. I will try to stay in touch and will send you

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    It was early morning when I like usual entered my offices in Marsden City (Yaroklis System). I sat down into comfortable leather chair, enjoyed freshly prepared cofee and then started read detailed reports of the SJC Faction which were prepared by Deborah. We had in last few weeks quite unusual rise of influence in more of our systems, where we in some reached almost an expansion threshold ... something, what was undesired to happen at this time. I've thought about "We" and "our", and it had amuse me, because the Ghost Legion, which was my home for a few years already, was not always positively supporting our faction The Sovereign Justice Collective. We still are, like in the past, a force operating behind the scenes serving the needs of Chancellor Zahra Arias to help her build and maintain a Faction which not always knew what is the best for itself.

    However my amusement took only a short time because Deborah unexpectedly entered the room with a serious expression on her face.

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    Note: this article contains often references to the biography of Karina.

    Karina was enjoying short rest in bar in William Sargent Vision station in Synteini system after was finished outfitting of her latest ship Mammoth (T9). Suddenly has something caught her attention, it was one from bar's monitors which was showing very specific scene - badly damaged station. Camera view suddenly changed, the stream was disturbed with static shocks ... on monitor have appeared man dressed in red emergency suit asking for urgent help to evacuate inhabitants of Chiang Prospect in Jambin system controlled by an anarchy faction called Jambin Blue Crew. How important information is the form of government in the system, Karina didn't knew yet, however this would be changed soon ...

    Station00.jpg Station02.jpg

    Few hours later arrived into system Jambin an yellow Type-7 Transporter using Panda name which had most of internal slots filled with economy cabins. Karina set ship's course towards the Chiang Prospect and then

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    Asteroids mining - Mining laser in action

    Note: articles in this blog are often referencing to biography of this character.

    The Mule_ (Type-6 Transporter) was cheap small freighter able do its jobs reliably, but she was also quite fragile how have Karina learned first hand when was doing a job for the SJC faction as a courier delivering strategical messages. This type of job was easy going and safe under normal circumstances, but some circumstances may be out of control of the employer. This time someone has decided to interrupt message delivery, and he also ordered skilled assassin with a strong ship. It happened in system Gilyadar where heavily armed Python, piloted by a Neil Beasant, pulled a small T6 freighter from supercruise (SC) and then destroyed her without any warning. Karina had to spent few following hours in escape capsule than was rescued by independent pilot, but luckily for her she had there also an emergency backup of all messages from the ship computer. Data were transferred into neural net of the new

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    Docked Type-6 Transporter

    Note: articles in this blog are often referencing to biography of this character.

    Karina's experience of piloting her new ship Type-6 Transporter called the "Mule_" had increasing rapidly; she right now FAOff docked at station Lovelace Terminal in the LFT 1209 system, when suddenly sounded a deep beep tone announcing incoming personal message. Quick look on communicator revealed real surprise, it was message from her father. He asked for urgent help in system CD-61 6801: "Can you please go there and do a couple of missions for one from local factions called The Sovereign Justice Collective (SJC)? ... I'll explain details later", was on the message end ... "How typical", smiled Karina. When she woke up this morning she wondered what will do next and this message offered her a specific activity. She started navigation computer, opened map of the galaxy and set the destination course: Bus Port in CD-61 680 system.

    Type-7 Transporter

    The first meetings with the SJC official representatives and later

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    Note: articles in this blog are often referencing to biography of this character.

    Karina spent few more hours as the "delivery girl" and learned few good lessons. One of them was about the need to always check the mission details related to the destination station distance from the system entry star; everything distant more as 10k light seconds (ls) is not worth the extra money because it needs too much flight time in the supercruise. Another hard learned "lesson" was about the need to disable the external flight controller (notebook touchpad) which unwanted use resulted in accidental serie of shots into the station wall during docking maneuver. Station response to it was lethal ... numerous defense turrets opened fire. Karina's ship shaked, its canopy broke almost instantly and followed an emergency ejection of the pilot's escape capsule.


    Few hours later she awakened in the medical tank and then learned from local doc that he is at the Detention Megaship. Luckily, she had

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    Note: articles in this blog are often referencing to biography of this character.

    The first feelings when she entered the ship and for the first time sat in the real pilot chair were unforgettable. She already had decent practice with piloting from space ships simulators at the university, but this now was something very different, it was real! First was needed resolve few administration steps which were displayed on the HUD main screen and waiting for approval. One of them was about the ship name (In-game -> Outfiting/Livery): "What name should I choose", she was thinking for a moment and then suddenly came an Idea ... "Beetle" fits here well and I like it! The most difficult part of "take off" is behind me", she thought with a smile :)

    9439-fcfc987f-small.pngWhile sat in the cockpit she started study her ship's details on an technical blueprint displayed on one from several cockpit's displays. "Yeah, that's typical for him (Father), all the equipment only very basic and on top of that loaned. It looks

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    Jera System Map

    Recent history: On January 9, 3302 (2016), a small faction called The Sovereign Justice Collective (SJC) expanded into this highly populated star system. No one paid much attention, motion of the small factions in-between systems were very common that days. Mighty corporation Jera Holding controlled three (all big) from four orbital stations and they had more as less under control also also two surface starports on second and third planet in this system. Fourth space station was unimportant small industrial outpost Mitchell Orbital controlled by Jera Social Democrats. On 11th March happened something unexpected, Social Democrats have lost control of their outpost in armed conflict lasting for entire week. New owners of the Mitchell became the SJC, which was an dictatorship led by Chancellor Zahra Arias. The Jera Holding top representative Vice President Brad Lucas celebrated, he was very pleased due his personal grudge with the Democrats. They got, as he thought, exactly what they

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    Neverending Travel ...

    Elite Dangerous play can be seen as never-ending travel, where exists more ways (mechanisms) how player can influence space around him. One from more "advanced" mechanisms is called PowerPlay (PP), which many see and calls as buggy, grindy, unfinished and uninteresting ... but ... yes, BUT, this is it. It's now almost one year when I started play ED and except two last weeks I decided fully ignore PP because I read countless criticism about it. Now, with only two weeks involvement, I quite significantly changed/updated my views. Why?

    I maybe should start from a little another angle to explain better my views. At my start in ED space I needed learn how to fly my ship(s), how to travel, how to fight (PvE fight in the video to the left), how to build and maintain my fleet, how to ... (many things). Then I get involved deeper into minor (local) factions background simulation (BGS) and learned what it can offer for me. It also helped (slowly) understand that single player in ED space…

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    Jadimo system, Grzimek Dock medical facility 3302/01/16.

    Jadimo system, Grzimek Dock medical facility 3302/01/16
    Inside a cryogenic medical tank is hovering a man without a move. Doctor is checking outputs coming from the status monitor and reads medical report containing informations about deep burns, wounds and cracked bones. Brain activity is rising, is need to apply more inhibitors, too early for wake-up.

    "... who I'm ... where I'm? ... what happened? ..." mind was fading -out and -in and then ... "What you want to do? It is only a few hours since was Your escape pod rescued from Arawere deep space and not too long after this again, this time from space around this station! People from local security were asking many questions, and local unofficial FEDs office was too interested!" My good old friend arrived as fast as he was able to, once he heard about my troubles and now was sitting in the chair beside my bed. "I will be OK, what I need to know now is, if he is still around!" He was looking on me with deep disbelief ... "You must

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    On horizon ...

    Horizons, with this new ED season have a lot changed for me. As first ... there are many new places for visit (with countless very nice sceneries), very entertaining flights in low altitude, possibility to leave ship and use SRV (vehicle), and also new mission types and theirs combinations between space and the planets surfaces ... all this multiply possibilities how to have fun. You can spent few hours in Combat zone (CZ), hunt bounties or trade/smuggle and want/need relax, then visit some airless planet/moon and fly at high speed only a few meters above surface in deep canyon, or you can visit some from fortified settlements and tease their air defence, or you can support yours mate which is in his SRV on the surface after he in a hurry leaving guarded settlement after successful infiltration.

    Meeting on planet surface ...
    Horizons came not only with new in-game stuff, but there was also global system change from 32 to 64bit. I need to say that for me is ED on 64bit working much smoother as it was before, fps

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    Searching ...

    Searching a home? ... easy, you have a 400 billion systems for choose! Such a number of systems may cause your searching little longer as initially expected, because on start you will have only very vague idea how should your home system look. For the start you could use a fact, that "home" should be somewhere inside the Bubble, which is a term used for the Humans inhabited part of space in the Milky Way Galaxy in the year 3301. But this will make your search only slightly easier :) ... like searching Pinhead on the football stadium instead around the whole world. With that in mind I first thought about a place where are some nice ships for sale, but it simply was not going into the right direction. Then I tried use few other ways, thought about joining with some commanders group (like Fuel Rats) and use theirs home system, but also this had all the time the false tones. Finally I gave up and put this decision to the future. But recently I had more and more feelings that the future is

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    Fighting in Combat Zone ...

    ED space is so huge, you could be there all your RL time, and yet did not encounter any other from hundreds thousands commanders, which can be in space in the same time as you. This offers alot freedom/"safety" on one side, but after some time you may want more as only beat/dealt with NPCs :) ... and exactly for this were implemented community goals, which often concentrate to very few systems or stations (or only one single station) in by humans habitated space and also offer some nice bonuses ("$") when are theirs goals reached. Now it come when you cannot rely on previously learned templates and if you want survive, is really good idea to be concentrated all the time and watch radar if it not show outlined icon (solid icon = NPC, outlined = cmdr). Also fights are very different, there do not count some "fair" conditions ... if you not have friends and your target will have, you may easily have only "flee" as option how to survive. Same is related to ships used on both sides ...

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    Run for life ...

    I had more free time, so decided to gain more experience in mining and was lucky on BB missions with interesting payments ... three places with 6 missions and more as 1M$ for very few units of Painite and Platinum. This time I did preparations and purchased 2B Refinery (

    ... it have decent amount of Refinery bins - 5 and is still cheap

    ), 3A Collectors limpets controller which give decent operation range and mainly long duration for limpets (

    ... the best controller which you can put on Cobra_Mk3

    ), Prospector limpet controller (

    ... in real is not worth to buy it ... please check a comment below article!

    ) and cargo filled with limpets. I visited more places with asteroids, which needed allot time, but was not able find the above mentioned requested commodities ... then I have re-read all what we had here posted about mining and one post below which have nice "list " with systems containing PRISTINE mining sites.

    Njikan system
    I chose one system with the pristine planetary ring, which was not far

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