False or True...

Few days ago, i got the message from pilot by the name lawmac1...

"I have been flying in CF Universe for awhile now, but have little to on experience in dog fighting, and thus am not very good as of yet.

I am looking to gain more experience as I would love to gain enough to be able to join the COP, I am sure that any experience is always good and you can never have to much.
I have been doing more missions and exploring then really anything else.

My question is. How much experience do the COP require in fighting?"

I've decided to give him a chance, because i have a feeling that he has some potential. He is tagged now as /CoP\ Katatonic[P] and walking its pilgrim path for the next two week!

Has been a long time since I last worked on intelligence matters, but I have a feeling that something does not fit here.The data specified in its application for admission to the CoP, are extremely general and vague.
From my extensive experience, only two things can describe such way of representation of himself, the first ... he is a beginner and not so talkative. and the second...he is trying to hide something!
More to that he is in no way beginner in dog fighting...I had my eye on him in last battle and several important "little" things could not deceive my experienced eyes...

I hope that there is a still time for this guy, and that i can convert him in time. Somehow i can feel a fear like tickling all my body, not a fear as many ppl know it.No, this is something different.

It's that old, familiar fear that I have to put an end to life of a young man once again.Same as it it happened to our last false cadet who were deceived by the Dark side...Dark side really has some delicious and tempting cookies in its arsenal these days...by the way, I always had this fear, sense of remorse like feeling...in a past few months it becomes stronger and stronger...It really concern me, way too much.
Must be i'm getting older!

Anyway it will end in one way or another, but I have to pay a visit to my old friend and psychiatrist Dr. Zenda, before it becomes too late.

I'll put the guy on the check, and only time will tell if my suspicions were justified or not, whether the newcomer is False or True...

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