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    In my quest to find the Ultimate Space Adventure I read article after article and forum after forum for the perfect game. I played Jumpgate, Independence War I & II, looked into Freespace which I hear is the precursor to Freelancer, X, Darkspace, Allegiance, played Master of Orion I & II, Wing Commander which I heard was good, Star Trek & Star Wars sagas, I even installed "Star Wars X-Wing Alliance" which was supposedly one kick ass game for it's time, until 2010 when my quest led me to Freelancer.

    In the first year I owned the game I played it twice, I liked it so much. I even became a member of the Hamburg server for a short time - if I remember correctly. After playing Vanilla twice I went on another quest to find an even better experience than what Freelancer gave me, and came across a forum where someone mentioned Freelancer Expansion Mods...Not being able to resist this new knowledge I looked into them all, and Crossfire was the most appealing.

    Once again I was blown away

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    I was on my way back from a voyage to Banysia, and was going through Kinak when the tade Lane ahead of me showed signs of travel.
    Since I didn't see any ships in front of me I was a bit perplexed at the activation of a trade lane for what seemed to be, no reason at all.

    I exited the trade lane and saw nothing about, so I docked with the gate and went to Assris.

    Once in Assris I was approaching the last trade lane before the gate to Sorror, and just before I hit the dock button ( F3 ) the trade lane activated as if someone else was behind me.
    I quickly docked with the TL and waited on the other side once I exited, and seconds later here is what I saw...

    Flying around in formation with my invisible friends - Two Cloaked Raiders:





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    Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

    Warning, Warning!..The klaxon sounds...Core Meld Down is Eminent!

    Just my luck, three weeks out in deep space and this happens - Systems Down, processors off line, controls aren't responding!
    Suddenly everything went dead and there I was a drift in Space, no way to navigate, just an emergency backup beacon, and hope someone will find me.

    Two Months later picked up a drift by a lone Scout vessel, and soon towed to the nearest Star Base.
    A systems analysis showed that the software I uploaded prior to my last launch was far to advanced for my ships systems, and slowly but surely lead to catastrophe.

    To prevent this from ever happening again I pooled my resources, went back to square one to rebuild my ship, so not only can it handle today's software but with the ability to upgrade core components, even tomorrows.

    It was a rough road with several out of the dock engine stalls, and chips being fried when I attempted to engage hyper drive giving me Star

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    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I have to play my game to get anywhere I want to be in it, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    I love video games, in fact if you don't love them or at least like them why the Hell are you playing them.

    Crossfire is by far the best Mod for Freelancer out there, although I know I have never played the rest, just by reading the description I knew this Mod was the Mod for me.
    No other Mod did what Crossfire did, and I'm still here today going stronger then ever.

    Complain, Complain, Complain.

    Not to get to worked up over this, but I thought I'd post something for the masses, because if I've seen it as many times as I have, I know others will concur.

    Time after Time I've ran into Newbies on Crossfire asking me how to make money here, they try typing in cheat commands that don't work on this server, they cry that they have to do missions or trade goods to make money, they ask you to give them millions of dollars to buy ships that at lower levels aren't that

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    When I'm not cruising the Crossfire Universe

    Usually a few times a day I'm reigning carnage down upon my enemies here:

    Medal of Honor Allied Assualt MP - [<MLS> Major League Stoners ] TFA server, as Death Becomes You.
    Believe it or not these servers are very active even to this day, and from what I've heard way better then the new MoH servers.

    Whenever I need some good 'ol FPS in my day, I log on - Kill, Carnage, Mayhem, & Death then log off...Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that was refreshing - Now back to Crossfire!

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