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    After DarkMatter's sleep in a premium room in Nuetro Station that was worth around $12.000 credits, DarkMatter decided to go ahead on his journey. DarkMatter knew all of the troubles he would have ahead, but didn't realise however, how or what he was in getting in trouble with. DarkMatter settled into the cockpit of his Bullpup and launched from the space pads of Nuetro station.

    22th July 780AS
    Location: Nuetro Station, Custodian System
    Status: Alive and prosperous
    Nuetro Station: Freelancer Alpha 1-8 you are clear to launch, good luck out there..
    He had decided to check out the Planets that the trade lanes interact with. But however his peaceful fly was interrupted by a group of Outcasts, all wanting a chunk of his credits each..
    Outcast Gamma 6: Freelancer, you have been taxed for $312.000 credits, you are hereby required to pay, or manage to run away.
    DarkMatter could not run away or fight with these fighters. These were top-notch Wolverine fighters with their hardest hitting guns:

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    Darkmatter was born on on a lonely gas miner in the Dublin system, but after a few days was transported to the Huntsville Prison base as his mum was a high time criminal Smuggler and was caught in the emergency rooms of the GMG Base Glorious. His story takes place at the exact date of: 17th July, 780AS. He starts his story with a new ship he bought off of a local freelancer. He brought the Heavy Stinger, retail value of $5.000.000 credits but brought for a steal of $200.000 credits. It was a really eye catching ship with features of golden crimson, and metallic silver painted along the ship. Sure it didn't have the flashest guns, but it could make a small group of pirates run in fear. This is the story of a man who wants to clear his name of being the sun of the wicked Smuggler Queen. He wants his story to be all about justice. His story starts here..

    13:27, 17th June, 780AS
    Location: Launching pads, Beaumont Base, Texas system
    Status: Alive, well.
    DarkMatter: Well everything's set,

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