The utter defeat of the Whiskey Thief

I was caught. I was apprehended by several freelancers in the Inner Cloud system one system away from New London.

I gave them a deal. They let me leave, I offer 50 million credits and a case full of the finest Custodian Whiskey a man could get practically for free. However, most Freelancers I have recently learnt fight for honour, for integrity. Well that and the bounty on my head was much higher. I was ruthlessly shot down and my Antares, and my entire hold of Whiskey was destroyed.

But, I somehow managed to escape. Multiple burns and scrapes ravaged my body as my escape pod flew away from the hunters and onto Planet Crossfire.

In a desperate attempt to not enter Sigma-17 empty-handed, I stole a ship from a man who was in our clan. Stealing the |DP|Lucifer, a Chimera with an adequate load out, I managed to sneak back into custodian, get a small load of Whiskey and attempted to run again back through Omicron Alpha. It was there that the hunters had learnt I was yet again at large and another bounty was issued. Another 100 Million credits went out for my head, either destroyed or arrested.

Having two hunters attempt to surround my escape to the Tau’s and another two to find me in Missle loaded Scout ships, I was yet again met with an unfriendly demise. The Lucifer was destroyed as well as the precious cargo it contained. However, once I ejected to try again, one of the Hunters had managed to secure my pod. I was done for, and I had so many charges against me. However the voice came back. It told me not to worry, that I could keep going. I just need to be smart, and that maybe I need to not work as independently as I thought I would...

I was brought onto a Maximum Security Prison somewhere hidden in the Manchester System for now and is meant to be Extradited to Sigma-17 to account for my crimes under the correct jurisdiction, my Clan.

And thus ends the first Event for the Whiskey Thief, a big congratulations to the players that have helped hunt me down and earnt their share in two 100M bounties!

-ThanhRui- 40M

Legion 40M

Ajay’s_Secondary5 30M+30M donated by -ThanhRui-

|TSH|INGETING?! 30M+30M donated by Legion

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  • Okay, here goes the story snippet I promised.


    Freeport 10, Tau-37 system.

    Major Marina Markova, commander of the 1st squadron of the 597th Mine-Torpedo Regiment of the Coalition Navy (attached to the Project Baneblade to aid the allied efforts in Inner Core) stood on the landing pad and watched as the Kamov class bomber - her own ship - landed on the landing pad. A thin, tall man stumbled out of the cockpit and she walked up to him.

    -Was the hunt successful? - she asked.

    -Bah. I didn't even see the combat - the man said. - But I've seen the whiskey. Definitely Custodian whiskey, if you ask me...

    The woman sighed.


    -Yes? - the man asked.

    -So you requisitioned MY ship for your PERSONAL errand and used it to take part in a hunt for some thief... all for some crates of whiskey? - the major asked.

    -More than some crates for whiskey - Ajay said. - The plan was to aim four big torps in his face, inform him the blast radius might be big enough to catch him even if he blows them up and ask him if he's feeling lucky, then kindly ask him to hand over the cargo.

    The female officer balled her fists.

    -Ajay. I am going to wring your thin, long neck, and not even your Intelligence contact is going to save you - she half-whispered.

    Story snipped over.

    Yeah, this might be a lil' OOC for Ajay the character. Eh, this is what Whiskey does to people.

    • Seems Major Markova needs to see the bigger picture


    • She does see the bigger picture.

      Unfortunately, she also has a doubly reinforced stick up her ass when it comes to regulations.