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    Special Operations Command (commonly abbreviated to SOC) is related to Galactic Terran-Vasudan Intelligence, though whether it is directly under GTVI command is not made clear. SOC is clearly closely related, and serves as GTVI's combat arm in most circumstances. The Terran portion of SOC played an active role in the conflict with the Neo-Terra Front.

    The extent of SOC operations, as befits a group working from the shadows, is not known: SOC was known to be charged with pre-deployment testing of GTVA equipment and provided specialized personnel such as pilots to infiltrate NTF forces. Much effort from GTVI and SOC was focused on the ETAK project, but it is difficult to pin down how much information was actually gathered. Allied Command believed (or said it believed) that the ETAK was some kind of superweapon; yet Allied Command several times apparently allowed ETAK to continue.

    It would not be unreasonable to state that in the end SOC had it within their power to have ended the NTF

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    It was early in the morning. The sun did not even appear at the horizon and I decided to jump into the pilot seat of my vessel.
    Checking everything before launching into the dark space of X-3043 which was awaiting me. Everything ok. So.... go for it.

    The docking ring closed behind me and I was on my own. Surrounded by some ASF and some CSF fighters defeating each other.
    Not bothering with their business, I discovered some human pilots floating around and apparantly being bored.
    Then I received some hails from 3 fellow pilots being in the dark space of X-3043 as well.

    My original plans have been to pay Tarsus a visit again, since by this time I recognized 2 CFPD members along one IOC member being busy with one poor pilot.
    Probably trying to make him leaving Tarsus.

    Since I did not want to interrupt the fun of police with help of a mercenary ripping appart one poor pilot. I had a bit smalltalk to the other pilots who hailed me a second earlier.
    It turned out that those pilots are

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