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  • I have a problem and you know them all, I installed the new crossfire but my problem still hasn't been solved, on 4k resolution 3840x2160x32, I don't have speed, acceleration and distance to an object, at least I know if more have any hope now or in the future-i installed new version for crossfire but my problem remain(for low resolution i have all data but image is bad-i have same problem with freelancer original but with small resolution image it is acceptable), may you know someone to can solve my problem, ty anyway

  • Hi Michael

    would you be the right person to ask how do we activate the weapons on the clan base and weapon platforms. i recently past two clan bases. dark base in omega 3 and as soul base in sigma 13. these are both activated. thanks

    • Hi, there is an option for "Conversations" meant to contact people, its next to Notifications in upper right corner, also lower right corner a chat tab like on Facebook.

      And no, Im not the right person :D

  • Hi Michael

    Just to let you know I fly around in God Mode. So I'm protected from everything. I'm not ashamed of it, but I don't shout about it at the Forum, some would not understand. My role is to map everything (Systems that is) for Martind Forlon who puts them into Wiki together with his description and system data. I help edit the descriptions as English is my native language. We don't tell or show everything; just enough to lift the interest and hope they look for themselves. Without being in God Mode my job would be impossible. I can't explore if I being taken out or having to fight back all the time. I don't do anything unless it through Martind. He sets the agenda and I'm happy to follow. We don't agree on everything but what two people do?

    Take care,


    • I agree with that lol, I once helped with the source code used for the map you help Forlon make now, but well, collision with asteroids dont kill you, the boing is how you bounce off an asteroid sometimes and end up far away from the sun.

      Anyway you can also just edit the save to be friendly or neutral with every faction including aliens :D

      Saves are not part of CF, all free

  • Lol! I like how you have your chars in Signature, but classify them on your Character lists :D

  • Just realised i responded to some of your old post in the past --- I had just started using SWATT and did not realise I was doing that at the time --- just didn't know how to get about. Guess once in a while I'll do a goof up like tonight, want you to know it is unintentional when it happens. I got home came on hoping to delete the double post but you had allready posted ahead.

  • sorry Michael on the phone went in a second time looked like Apache had posted again instead it was a slow download on my phone I posted b4 the page finished its download, ended up posting one after the other. I have edited the wrong number.

    • lol it's cool mate and u cud've replied there while posting the next number :P

  • Hi Michael,
    gratulations on your 50. preserved like.

  • Hallo Michael,
    Glückwunsch zu deinem 25. erhaltenem Like.

  • Hi noobie :)

  • Nice, I am here, and online too :D

    Welcome back

    Thanks my Friend :)

    But i dont know, i am in your CFPD Clan, or not more? Because, if i play with FL Char, and then join Clan back, must to delete played Char, to create new Clan Tag Char. Then is played time lost :huh:
    But if i create Clan Tag Char, without your permission, then get problems with Server Rules and get baned? ?(

    No one kicked you from CFPD :P So you can still use the tag, but carefully :D

  • Hello Friend :)

    How do you do?

    Long time ago, that i played with you CF 8).

    I m back, and i have sometimes.. time to play :D

    • Nice, I am here, and online too :D

      Welcome back

    • thanks Michael..... sorry about that double posting other day

  • Can i Spam you again ??? :)

    • You already did, so... NO !

  • I wanna ......

    upps sorry m8 :P


    100 friends !!!!

    That is awesome

    You are the best !!!

    must make new achievements :D:D:D

    • LoL just noticed I made the 100th.

      Thanx :)

  • Thanks for the message. :)

    I like Bookworm, but I thought I'd see what else was offer too.

    Cheers, Lunst.

    • Yeah I noticed :D

      But well, there are like 800 games more ^^

    • just did the prime no one time only.....

  • Hey Michael,

    Checked out your website, like the look of it. Has a cool, crisp appearance to it.

  • last 2 hours no, cus I arrived 1 hour ago.

    I am testing the new plugin as I should, problem ?

    seems to be working... the sound is really annoying and unecessary though

    • There are few issues with the plugin, I found some at PMing, attachments, and friends checking...

      The sound is the cool part :D

      Abras was testing stuff since 11 AM.

  • did you just spend the last 2 hours getting achievement points, defriending and friending me again for whatever achievement? Rofl what the fuck is wrong with you...

    • last 2 hours no, cus I arrived 1 hour ago.

      I am testing the new plugin as I should, problem ?

  • I'll be online soon, so, looking forward to seeing you in space :D

    Same Here!!!

  • HEY :D Michael how are you doing? Haha, I haven't been on recently because I am trying to finish the CF storyline, but I'll be on soon :D SEE YOU IN SPACE MATE!!!

    • I'll be online soon, so, looking forward to seeing you in space :D

  • umad?

    • Back to trolling ? finally :)

  • Hmm, guestbooking yourself is like talking with yourself... hmm, this should be avoided at all cost. It brings mental diseases.

  • Michael says hi to Michael. -test-

  • Thumbs up for the person who thumbs ups everybody :P