This is the official Logbook of the |DP|Undefeatable, previously a bunch of scrap metal that was sent to Astugi to be salvaged to recreate the destroyer that fought in the Battle of Death Valley, prior to its destruction.

    Since joining with the Blood Dragons, my call sign was altered to the |DP|Undefeatable. It must’ve been nearly half a year until they were able to trust me. I ended up working under Col. Myugu, a renowned Blood Dragon officer who was strict and precise. Apparently apprenticed under the legendary Lieutenant Ozu in his younger days, he used the knowledge given to him and became the hard ass colonel he is to this day. According to Myugu, the dragons had never had much use for using ships such as destroyers or battleships as they were mainly a faction that relied in raiding for resources or intel, but maybe it’d be time to start using them. The Kusari Naval Forces are cracking down on Blood Dragon activity majorly within the areas of Hokkaido and Honshu, and it’s time they respond with violence. The ends justify the means.

    My first official mission with the Blood Dragons was to permanently damage Yukawa shipyard. The construction and repair rings on the shipyard are the primary targets. I

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    After finding this bucket of bolts for sale at Astugi for a small Fee, I became the Captain of the Undefeatable, a formidable Kusari destroyer that was nearly atomised during the battle of Death Valley before it was salvaged and repaired at Astugi. After joining a Mercenary Clan and having a big foothold in Kusari space, I thought it was only right to commandeer a Sleek Kusari capital ship. I began working under the Kusari Naval Forces and wore the official IFF tag of |DP|KNF_Undefeatable. My main mission, was to aid in discovering the secret Blood Dragon base hidden somewhere on the edges of the Kusari Colony. A few Naval officers believed it to be somewhere in the Tau systems since the Blood Dragons worked loosely with the Outcasts. Some believed it to be hidden somewhere in the depths of Chugoku. Low sensor efficiency, organised strikes at the Battleship Matsumoto in Hokkaido, and most systems seemed to be linked to Chugoku where plenty of Blood Dragons are known to lurk would make

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