Crashed ship

Note: this article may contain references to the biography of Martind Forlon.

Commander Forlon has awakended in pilot's chair of his Hathor with a very sore head. Beer botles lying in big numbers on the floor around the chair were perfectly fiting to the mood he was in for no less as last few weeks. It all started with a messsage from a courier returning from Colonia region which was paid to search all information about Karina or her's ships which she owned and used on her exploration journey. The courier was able found numerous traces of her travel on stations along route to the Colonia, but it were two months already when she left the Polo Harbour, which is one from last stops before Colonia region where she not arrived yet. There were countless reasons why it could happen, including exploration of free space which looks there much different to the Bubble. Forlon also knew well that space can be very dangerous ... still, it was him who opened access to the stars for her, and just the thought that something really bad could happen to her was unacceptable.

Settlement surrounding

He already have decided to search for her himself, but first was needed prepare ship for long journey and acquire special equipment. In addition was needed finish advanced analysis of raw data from reckon buoys which courier used during search in systems between Polo Harbour and Colonia region. Preparations of equipment for systems long-range surveys were going quite well, he already had most of needed stored and ready for action. The main problem however was availability of "Power regulators" which seems to have disappeared from all to him known markets including black ones. These devices were used in ships or SRVs for rectify energy from power generators and were one from few things which were not possible repair or sourcing in deep space. Markets situation for them was so bad that it attracted also numerous fraudsters. Forlon was even forced to track down one foolish trader who was trying to pay him for finished job by a fake regulator. He was just thinking, as he had many times in recent days, who could help him get them when his communicator announced an incoming call. Caller was not his copilot Deborah or someone from the Ghost legion shadow division. This caller was unknown and because his personal com number was known only to few people ... it was very uncommon. Forlon decided to accept that call.

"Commander Forlon?", asked unknown caller, and continued without even waiting for confirmation: "I have heard that you are in urgent need of Power regulators. I have one special job which needs to be done quickly and reliably. As payment I offer two od them." Forlon knew immediately what kind of job it will be, but time was running fast and he needed to move forward ... "What needs to be done?", he asked. The unknown caller after a short pause replied: "Details of a job were sent to you with a courier which should arrive shortly to your dock. I know that you have enough skills and experience for it and reward is therefore already deposited in bank safe registered to your name. You will be able to check in advance that regulators are functional, but physical access will be granted only after will be job successfully finished. Do you accept?" Forlon without hesitation replied "Yes" and terminated the call.

CZ Victory

One week later; surface settlement in local conflict zone: constant waves of reinforcements suddenly stopped and troops in SJC colours started celebrating. Forlon stowed his executioner and jumped off the HAB building roof to the ground. He quickly looked around, switched off his personal shield and then observed how one of the Vultures, which was used by both sides to deliver reinforcements, have closing his drop hatch and turned to the departure course. He then waved to the nearby group of SJC soldiers which looked on him. He knew well that they do not fully trust him, even though he shifted balance heavily in SJC favour like usual. And they were completely right, he was just a mercenary hired to support theirs case. He still had before his eyes that high security settlement in Phiagre which he visited last week. That settlement was full of SJC personell which after his visit remained lying dead on the ground and local lights went off when he pulled out power regulator. He was paid really well for this job, but his hands were and always will be covered in blood. He smiled ironically to himself, it was too late to feel guilty. He knew what he want to do and why. He also knew that if his actions (no matter how much dirty were) will not break status quo, it will have not any real consequences. His further thinking was interrupted with beep of his communicator. He shortly checked the notice and then slowly made his way to the designated pick-up location. Pilot which transported him here has just arrived and it was time return back to station on planet orbit called Shinn City.