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Somewhere in the IC .... strange readings ..scaning scaning ... In front
of my ship appeared a great storm... scaning... omg this is impossible
coalition signal, unknown gate ID... wtf lightning were all around my
ship, all sistem offline.

Visibility is zero, omg, an unknown object ... the scanner again work ..
colalition signal and the voice of frightened women ...TURN OFF, WE
LOSE CONTROL, ENERGY READING IS TO HIGH.... I see an unknown object, its

fade off and I hear only galactic background noise. Strange mist around
my ship .. scanning ... zoom to object ...I read: Borodin Station
/Energy Plasma Circuit No. EPC-XVII-db785 experimental... hmmm new
Colation tech Jump Gate without a fixed location or just accident?!

Cruise engine ON... time to go.

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  • is this the 44 th mission as i have been in sol space for ever and am now trying Borodin Station area again help

    • No mate :) 44th mission is lot different (If you wish to know, just pm (Contains spoilers too ) )

  • someone stole one pic...i post 3 pic

  • nice m8

  • ty

  • I like this article! Very nice story.