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    Note: articles in this blog are often referencing to biography of this character.

    Karina spent few more hours as the "delivery girl" and learned few good lessons. One of them was about the need to always check the mission details related to the destination station distance from the system entry star; everything distant more as 10k light seconds (ls) is not worth the extra money because it needs too much flight time in the supercruise. Another hard learned "lesson" was about the need to disable the external flight controller (notebook touchpad) which unwanted use resulted in accidental serie of shots into the station wall during docking maneuver. Station response to it was lethal ... numerous defense turrets opened fire. Karina's ship shaked, its canopy broke almost instantly and followed an emergency ejection of the pilot's escape capsule.


    Few hours later she awakened in the medical tank and then learned from local doc that he is at the Detention Megaship. Luckily, she had enough

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