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    Here I’m now. After hard working days with farming criminals, taking part on such helpful events like Nomad Hunt or the daily Tour through the Universe,
    smuggling BMG‘s, rescue the president and collecting secret discs I was able to finished my VHF with the best equipment I could found.

    Sure, not all of the expensive stuff was needed but at the end helpful in some way. I tried many of the nice fighter which can found in Sirius or Altair and choose the Iguana because
    it’s a small ship and I had the feeling that I get not so much hits especially during that Dervon adventure were I was surrounded by these f* drones.

    Without my super Advanced Hydroxin Thruster I would have been lost for sure. Thanks Ainu Depot for selling such helpful equipment. Yes, it’s damn expensive but worth every credit.
    My setup for now is:

    The second Missile Launcher could be also an Cataclysm Missile Launcher which double the amount of missiles…but I was thinking “If you hit then with the

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