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    Today's morning was quite nice. I received a message from my enslaved mechanic that the glaze has been redone and my vessel got full refilled with some really expensive fuel.
    Good work, I thought and prepared myself to have a nice flight within some pretty less frequented areas.
    So launched from a station in the Tau31 system just to enjoy the nice view and heading toward the Kyushu system passing Tau31 and Tau29.

    Suddenly I checked my radar and recognized some nice objects I would need to check out.
    It turned out that those objects were some freelancers trying to gain back control over their vessels.
    After checking the balance in my wallet I decided to help those freelancers not having to carry so much cash on their own and ask for a little donation.
    Nice as I am I kept it plain and simple "tax please"

    Unfortunately there were no incomming response from one of those freelancers, since he seemed to be busy fighting off some Dragons.
    Since I figured that no one seem to care about his

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