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    HIP 98621 is system with high population and big importance to the imperial senator Zemina Torval. This system was for a very long time a quiet place, but that begin changing when into system have expanded minor faction called the Sovereign Justice Collective. People of the SJC were at first full of enthusiasm from entering this important system, but this lasted only few first weeks. Major fact, which significantly affected all further events, was independence of the SJC faction to the great interstellar powers. Never before it was seen as a problem due bonuses provided by form of SJC's government (dictatorship) which is highly beneficial especially for Zemina Torval controlled systems, but also due this concrete faction's ability to maintain stability in ruled systems. The main person behind the success of the SJC was charismatic chancellor Zahra Arias, which have build and maintained strong positive

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    The Enclave

    After my return from one of the local wars, where I was helping to achieve "our" goals, I felt suddenly very tired. I was not even in the mood to visit station bar and just sat in the cockpit of my combat ship thinking what I should do next. Then I called to my copilot Deborah, which was already arranging all needed for ship repair and rearm, and we had long discussion. I knew that I need a change, at least for some time, and she advised to me to look at a serie of the Gallnet journal articles referring to the news from area called "The Enclave".

    Next day morning I had much more information about my new "interest". It seemed that the Galaxy is suddenly going to be changing much quicker and more significant as it was anytime before. We already have human stations and regular "ferry" (megaship) into distant area with the Guardians ruins and now there is further new initiative to build permanent human presence very close to area rich of Meta-Alloys in blueish Witch Head Nebula. In

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    It was early morning when I like usual entered my offices in Marsden City (Yaroklis System). I sat down into comfortable leather chair, enjoyed freshly prepared cofee and then started read detailed reports of the SJC Faction which were prepared by Deborah. We had in last few weeks quite unusual rise of influence in more of our systems, where we in some reached almost an expansion threshold ... something, what was undesired to happen at this time. I've thought about "We" and "our", and it had amuse me, because the Ghost Legion, which was my home for a few years already, was not always positively supporting our faction The Sovereign Justice Collective. We still are, like in the past, a force operating behind the scenes serving the needs of Chancellor Zahra Arias to help her build and maintain a Faction which not always knew what is the best for itself.

    However my amusement took only a short time because Deborah unexpectedly entered the room with a serious expression on her face.

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    "Yes?" asked Forlon which was just awaken by private call. Last day he arrived in middle of the night and instead going to his [tooltip=Main station in Yaroklis system]Marsden City[/tooltip] offices, he went to sleep in one from the first-class cabins onboard his python. It was his trusty buddy Deborah: "Apology Sir, but in our offices was just now an [tooltip=The Sovereign Justice Collective players minor faction]SJC[/tooltip] police officer with [tooltip=Advanced Tactical response]ATR[/tooltip] troops looking for you. It seems like he is highly interested with your latest work for [tooltip=Afli Patron's Principles]APP[/tooltip] in Afli, specifically he have mentioned stolen data from theirs non-public Data point on planet Lacab Kui E3 ....". Forlon: "Oh damn, it looks that the space controlled by the SJC is not the best for me just now, please contact our docks in Phiagree and send me the Katana to the Gessi Keep City in Sowii. I had from there earlier working offers because this

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    "Good morning, sir. Do You know about the latest Gallnet news about the Pleiades region?", has asked me Deborah (my NPC buddy), once I have entered the offices in the Marsden City in Yaroklis. She continued, "it looks like there are now three Aegis stations badly damaged by some newly discovered Thargoids variant called Medusa, and all these stations must be evacuated. Damage must be really bad, normally are these stations able supply inhabitants also in the state of construction or big reconstruction."

    Forlon remained silent for few minutes, while he was checking latest news from the region. "OK, it looks that they may really need help from everyone who can be available. We have here some obligations like usual, but I hope that Ryan (Wing representative) will not kill me, if we will spent some time with helping evacuate people there. Please start immediately preparing the Dark Queen for emergency operations. Armament will be anti-human, I still consider "humans" threat for such

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    Jera System Map

    Recent history: On January 9, 3302 (2016), a small faction called The Sovereign Justice Collective (SJC) expanded into this highly populated star system. No one paid much attention, motion of the small factions in-between systems were very common that days. Mighty corporation Jera Holding controlled three (all big) from four orbital stations and they had more as less under control also also two surface starports on second and third planet in this system. Fourth space station was unimportant small industrial outpost Mitchell Orbital controlled by Jera Social Democrats. On 11th March happened something unexpected, Social Democrats have lost control of their outpost in armed conflict lasting for entire week. New owners of the Mitchell became the SJC, which was an dictatorship led by Chancellor Zahra Arias. The Jera Holding top representative Vice President Brad Lucas celebrated, he was very pleased due his personal grudge with the Democrats. They got, as he thought, exactly what they

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    Journey - hyperspace jump ...

    I enjoyed my spare time in the bar at Greeboski's Outpost in Phiagre system like usual, but something was a little different. Difference was, that I finally decided on an idea which occupied my mind for quite some time already. That idea was about leaving the bubble and spend some time exploring. Final gentle push which persuaded me to "give it a go" was information, which I received during one of my visits at Qwent Research Base in Sirius system, about a mysterious person named Professor Palin. A guy with a reputation for being the best engineer for ship engines. I left the station bar and headed to my ship, entered the cockpit and sat down in the pilot chair. Console on the left has showed latest technical reports and also one private message. Friend from an nearby Atfero system sent me information about few passengers which want visit places distant only few thousand ly, and which are offering generous payment for safe and secure_transport. My ship "Dark Queen" (rather heavily

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    Neverending Travel ...

    Elite Dangerous play can be seen as never-ending travel, where exists more ways (mechanisms) how player can influence space around him. One from more "advanced" mechanisms is called PowerPlay (PP), which many see and calls as buggy, grindy, unfinished and uninteresting ... but ... yes, BUT, this is it. It's now almost one year when I started play ED and except two last weeks I decided fully ignore PP because I read countless criticism about it. Now, with only two weeks involvement, I quite significantly changed/updated my views. Why?

    I maybe should start from a little another angle to explain better my views. At my start in ED space I needed learn how to fly my ship(s), how to travel, how to fight (PvE fight in the video to the left), how to build and maintain my fleet, how to ... (many things). Then I get involved deeper into minor (local) factions background simulation (BGS) and learned what it can offer for me. It also helped (slowly) understand that single player in ED space…

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    The look back

    For Commissioner Forlon it was on the first look an usual morning on Freeport 11, but that day there was something to feel quite differently. Passed more months from time when he arrived here in his old Butcher on Orillion's call, and it was also place where was started work on new police organization called The Steel Hearts. Construction of the new organization went well, including build of the new police starbase, but in Forlon's dark corners of the mind still remained question what happened with The Silver_Arrows after he so unexpectedly and in a hurry left. Orillion last words were about newly planned big operation in the Inner Core, but he refused give any details nor tell what really is planned for the Arrows. "Time to acquire some answers" thought Forlon when he left the base and headed to the jump hole leading into Daedalus system.


    Butcher smoothly passed all the way leading to Omicron Theta and shortly after on scanners appeared earlier often visited Freeport

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    Jadimo system, Grzimek Dock medical facility 3302/01/16.

    Jadimo system, Grzimek Dock medical facility 3302/01/16
    Inside a cryogenic medical tank is hovering a man without a move. Doctor is checking outputs coming from the status monitor and reads medical report containing informations about deep burns, wounds and cracked bones. Brain activity is rising, is need to apply more inhibitors, too early for wake-up.

    "... who I'm ... where I'm? ... what happened? ..." mind was fading -out and -in and then ... "What you want to do? It is only a few hours since was Your escape pod rescued from Arawere deep space and not too long after this again, this time from space around this station! People from local security were asking many questions, and local unofficial FEDs office was too interested!" My good old friend arrived as fast as he was able to, once he heard about my troubles and now was sitting in the chair beside my bed. "I will be OK, what I need to know now is, if he is still around!" He was looking on me with deep disbelief ... "You must

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