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  • hihoo mate nice to see you on the forums been a while mate ?

    • Well, I'm still at least reading here from time to time :)

  • Happy birthday afgun :D

    • Thanks! ^_^

    • Happy birthday for 2018 too lmao that was 2018 :D xD

      Nice seeing you around :3

    • Hehe.. :)

      usually I was notified via mail notifications about the wall. But strangely - not now. That's why I didn't noticed the comments.

      Thanks anyway :)

    • Yw !

  • Happy B'day and best wishes! :)

  • Maybe time to write something new with CF 2.0 bacground :D

    • Actually it's was already planned as Tribute to FL and CF both long ago, but queued when my work on music become most active. Currently it's 4-th. If everything will be ok, the track will be ready in two to three months from now. :)

    • Coming soon. Very soon.

    • :thumbsup:

    • Track ready and pre-pablished on my main stream:

    • But you need a wait for a bit before I will finally create and upload video for track for main publishing on forum

  • Started to gather CF SP materials...

  • Damn the session! :(

  • A-and finaly I am again in a state of creative explosion... Nuclear explosion, i think...

  • ty for your fast answer.

  • How's your big Crossfire project going ?

    • As I said, now there is accumulation of the necessary materials.
      Total amount of needed materials is not small. So, while I can't say how soon exactly it will be complete.
      Moreover, I have now the peak of passing the session :-\

  • Michael : Be shure, I will. Thanks :)

  • But never forget to be sure that your top work is also available in English... it's very important ^^

  • You are, at the moment, the most devoted to video-making on Crossfire, congratulations !