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  • Congrats for you trophy :-)

  • this is the one for you m8 :) This Phoenix is great, I like it.

    • Thanks! I plan to maybe do another Phoenix soon, and then stick with that for maybe rest of year

  • hi you need help for search cloacking device : http://swat-portal.com/forum/g…ex.php/Album/159-My-Maps/

  • hehe, now i can see all your ID's, but you put in the lvl and ship as well :)

  • hey big bro it looks grate over the past few years ;)

  • hmmmmmm, that was a very interesting lesson :) there tried to tech us that stuff at school, but never really pad attention. :D

    • Thanks, I normally pay attention on Television :D That is how I usually have good grades ;) TV can help you learn a lot of stuff

    • my whole life has been in front of the TV, everything i know now i learned from the TV, :) but school didn't tech me anything :D but some how i was still at the top of my class :)

    • That's exactly my story as well =O Praise god and whoever made the TV :D

    • there were dark time before TV

    • I always thought that before TV it was just sticks and stones. Thats what the Flintstones taught me :D

  • Just got back from Altair thru Gurum new total 127 nomads & 2 domk gunBoats how about we head 4 Tao Ceti thru Eridani nomads in there to ...then back to Styx again later.

    • Sure thing M8 :)

    • Just finsihed making new char so using it for Sol now just need to get there

    • NP m8 . :) Whats it called.& what ship u getting ??

    • |DP|LordThunder :) In The Thunder ship :) I would've moved it now, but servers playing up :) (Sarcastic smile btw)

    • Just went through with two new players in my LordThunder in Vorkuta now, have a total of 4 DK Gunboats, and 62 Nomads, 5 battleships, dont know about the gunboats, but also took down a Strike Carrier, we really need to try and be on at the same time ^^

  • hi m8 :) I hunted last night got 68 nomads....whats your time zone m8 we need to try and sync a bit... hunted all the way to Kandidis...gone to altair at mo to get gatts be coming back to deliverance ...iD is :):)STiXBiONiCSTYX(:(: :) End of Line

  • Hi. M8:) I checked out TLTag event...hope u get plenty coming along, but it's outside my time zone I am either at WRK or very early morning for me. Hoping to catch up with u soon in styx.

    • Thx for letting me know m8 :) and those nomads are goners by the time we're finished ;)

  • Hi LordRaydenMK, we welcome you as our 23419. user and wish you a lot of fun in our community. Your SWAT team, Nov 30th 2015.