poor bad pirate meets mean police man

As it happens that even pirates have to use their enormous flying bricks, in order to fill up their wallets in a nice way, I just jumped into the pilot seat of my very own polished and well maintained brick, called AD[I].
I was just flying around peacefully, minding my own business and not even bothering with all the mean creatures flying around in the deep space of Sirius and Altair.

Then I saw it. It almost flashed my precious eye balls with such a striking light as the message popped up. A cop has just entered the sector and was obviously only looking for some wallet-like-looking poor pilot flying around.
He, the mean cop, flying under the CFPD tag was immediately jumping into his vessel and started stalking me.
He finally caught me just undocking from planet Hamburg, realizing that I'm in a huge brick, not able to run anywhere.
I had some weird letter popping up infront of me, saying "HALT"
It turned out that this meanie was only after my cash. And showing his true face he fined me some of my hard earned cash, fining for being alive, being able to fly, not being mean to other pilots, avoiding trouble, not shooting at anyone or anything.
Well. his spoken reason was "you are a pirate I can fine you or kill you".
I decided to pay the fine, since I think the poor police man may be in such a terrible need for some cash, that he has to fine ships who can not run.

So, whoever might be out there, in a similar situation, should be aware of surrounding police men, who might also be up to the very same thing - robbing poor pilots under the cover of law enforcement.
One day in time I will meet him again and then I will answer his, I have to admit it, politely held issue, with other things, but credits.

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  • It's just business :police:

  • om nom nom pirates

  • Imo every police or pirate who knows only kill other side at all cost (or not pay tax, fine and better let ship destroy even if without chance to fight) under any conditions do not know what it is RP ... not count fun loss for both sides.

  • no, not all cops are bad :) just some of them. But I still like them ;)

  • wow you think so bad of cops :P a right one would just say hello and pass by

  • wrong because he didnt just kill me? :D

  • It's sad to read such things :( You've met a wrong policeman.