Note: this article may contain references to the biography of Martind Forlon.

    HIP 98621 is system with high population and big importance to the imperial senator Zemina Torval. This system was for a very long time a quiet place, but that begin changing when into system have expanded minor faction called the Sovereign Justice Collective. People of the SJC were at first full of enthusiasm from entering this important system, but this lasted only few first weeks. Major fact, which significantly affected all further events, was independence of the SJC faction to the great interstellar powers. Never before it was seen as a problem due bonuses provided by form of SJC's government (dictatorship) which is highly beneficial especially for Zemina Torval controlled systems, but also due this concrete faction's ability to maintain stability in ruled systems. The main person behind the success of the SJC was charismatic chancellor Zahra Arias, which have build and maintained strong positive

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