The Enclave

    After my return from one of the local wars, where I was helping to achieve "our" goals, I felt suddenly very tired. I was not even in the mood to visit station bar and just sat in the cockpit of my combat ship thinking what I should to do. Then I called to my copilot Deborah which was already arranging all needed for ship repairs and rearms and we had a long discuss. I knew that I need a change, at least for some time, and she advised to me to look at a serie of the Gallnet journal articles referring to the news from area called "The Enclave".

    Next day morning I had much more information about my new "interest". It seemed that the Galaxy is suddenly going to be changing much quicker and more significant as it was anytime before. We already have human stations and regular "ferry" (megaship) into distant area with the Guardians ruins and now there is further new initiative to build permanent human presence very close to area rich of Meta-Alloys in blueish Witch Head Nebula. In

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