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  • Hi Trinity my Skype Name is paul.jacko I will give my FB name later it is Quite long so I have to get it Right... Tribbs . Out

  • Hi Trinity_,
    gratulations on your 25. preserved like.

  • Yo wake up, this is a new day for the battle system, and you are missing it :D I, as Mage, worked all day, and already got double money ^^

  • Seen it in several movies, even Matrix... but mainly C S I or Navy Investigation series :D

  • Nigga headshotted :D

    • No nigga was ever headshotted. Search for that.

  • What did I say... NO is NOT Acceptable :P

    Picking up my bear hunter shotgun.... so, what were you saying ?

  • Too late, I closed the chatbox from him... Now you are the one who has to do it :P And "no" is not acceptable.

  • rofl ok

    • j/k m8. Ask him, i could've played 3 times a day too.

  • Hmm, I'm pretty sure it was more than a day, and I still can't fight or work cus of the limit, while last time it reset at abotu middle night and again on the afternoon (it's how I could paly 3 times in a day xD ).

    Any idea on what's going on ? Maybe we should bug OP :P

  • I see you are going maxed out for your level...

    But will you dare to challenge a High Mage ? As Assasin, you better stay hidden in the shadows of the corners... but not for long, because I will vaporize the ENTIRE AREA !!! MWAHAHAHAAHAHAA


    [...]Elven High Mages are the masters of creating their own epic spells-mythals that can grow to engulf entire cities. [...]


    ( Role play chat lol)

  • lol k then I'll also use mines for today :P

  • Omigahd No wai, you had no guest entries ?

    Well, here's the first one :D

    Up for a Battle system fight ? Our stats are pretty much the same.... then I can start training again :D

    • wasted all my fights today. Maybe tomorrow ;)