............... hello ?

    ..........what happened?

    ......... where am I ?

    The eyes slowly opening, barely realizing the location nor the actual time or day.

    It seems that I am not in my ship, nor am i even in any familiar place.

    ....... there is someone, I can ask.


    Oh .... my ...... god.

    I just learned what actually happened to me.


    I seem to have been engaging in a lot of battles, putting myself at risk for the greater good. Or was it more for the greater reward?


    Long story short.

    That ugly nurse just told me that I have been in a medical induced coma for more than 2 years.

    My personal belongings have been stored in some sort of chest tucked away for the rats to build their nests in.

    My ships have been transported all over the place and under my pillow I found a piece of paper with some scribbles on it. I assume that those scribbles are my own notes I wrote down before I was taken down and passed out.

    I can remember a few things.

    X-something, Hiruga

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