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    Darkmatter was born on on a lonely gas miner in the Dublin system, but after a few days was transported to the Huntsville Prison base as his mum was a high time criminal Smuggler and was caught in the emergency rooms of the GMG Base Glorious. His story takes place at the exact date of: 17th July, 780AS. He starts his story with a new ship he bought off of a local freelancer. He brought the Heavy Stinger, retail value of $5.000.000 credits but brought for a steal of $200.000 credits. It was a really eye catching ship with features of golden crimson, and metallic silver painted along the ship. Sure it didn't have the flashest guns, but it could make a small group of pirates run in fear. This is the story of a man who wants to clear his name of being the sun of the wicked Smuggler Queen. He wants his story to be all about justice. His story starts here..

    13:27, 17th June, 780AS
    Location: Launching pads, Beaumont Base, Texas system
    Status: Alive, well.
    DarkMatter: Well everything's set,

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    Ajay's Story 2.0: Open The Door, Step Outside.

    -Since when are you trading ships? - Flyagin asked.
    -Since I have got an altruistic streak in my frozen heart - I replied.
    We were sitting in a bar of Freeport 1, talking over a bottle of soda. Since I had to deliver a ship for another person, I had to ask somebody to follow me on the Stranger. Only person I could think about was my CO. Thankfully he's a total bro and was not really busy at that moment - or, to be more correct, he needed my services and had to get on Stranger anyway.
    Well, the mission on a ship delivery was somewhat of a "shake off the boredom" thing. My acquittance needed a new ship, J-40 Quicksilver. Why he needed it was his own business, and I didn't want to be nosy. Granted, being nosy was more or less my job description as Intelligence scout pilot, but part of that was also about knowing when not to be nosy. Notably when it's about other person's private business.
    How I met that man was a quite interesting story. It

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    The look back

    For Commissioner Forlon it was on the first look an usual morning on Freeport 11, but that day there was something to feel quite differently. Passed more months from time when he arrived here in his old Butcher on Orillion's call, and it was also place where was started work on new police organization called The Steel Hearts. Construction of the new organization went well, including build of the new police starbase, but in Forlon's dark corners of the mind still remained question what happened with The Silver_Arrows after he so unexpectedly and in a hurry left. Orillion last words were about newly planned big operation in the Inner Core, but he refused give any details nor tell what really is planned for the Arrows. "Time to acquire some answers" thought Forlon when he left the base and headed to the jump hole leading into Daedalus system.


    Butcher smoothly passed all the way leading to Omicron Theta and shortly after on scanners appeared earlier often visited Freeport

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    Here I’m now. After hard working days with farming criminals, taking part on such helpful events like Nomad Hunt or the daily Tour through the Universe,
    smuggling BMG‘s, rescue the president and collecting secret discs I was able to finished my VHF with the best equipment I could found.

    Sure, not all of the expensive stuff was needed but at the end helpful in some way. I tried many of the nice fighter which can found in Sirius or Altair and choose the Iguana because
    it’s a small ship and I had the feeling that I get not so much hits especially during that Dervon adventure were I was surrounded by these f* drones.

    Without my super Advanced Hydroxin Thruster I would have been lost for sure. Thanks Ainu Depot for selling such helpful equipment. Yes, it’s damn expensive but worth every credit.
    My setup for now is:

    The second Missile Launcher could be also an Cataclysm Missile Launcher which double the amount of missiles…but I was thinking “If you hit then with the

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    Ajay's Story 2.0. Ragnarock-n-roll Part II

    Usually I start my stories from long prelude of me waking up, moping around for a few lines of text and only then placing myself into my pilot seat, taking off from whichever station sheltered me on this time to continue my flight.
    But today I decided to say "Flak that" and cut right into the moment where Stranger is flying through the Dom'Kavash tradelane from Mirtrak Battle Station to Ryssk jumpgate, where my comrade awaits me to embark onto an Inner Core raid. I was pretty much chill, considering that I had another quite intense raid yesterday, but this one still promised to be interesting.
    As I already mentioned in my previous entry, one of my pen pals from around is a Galaxy Ranger known as AZ09. Since the events of the said entry, he found out that he enjoys the destructive power of a railgun mounted on The Historian, his Ragnarok gunboat. His solo actions have already claimed a number of alien capital ships, and I decided to accompany

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    Jadimo system, Grzimek Dock medical facility 3302/01/16.

    Jadimo system, Grzimek Dock medical facility 3302/01/16
    Inside a cryogenic medical tank is hovering a man without a move. Doctor is checking outputs coming from the status monitor and reads medical report containing informations about deep burns, wounds and cracked bones. Brain activity is rising, is need to apply more inhibitors, too early for wake-up.

    "... who I'm ... where I'm? ... what happened? ..." mind was fading -out and -in and then ... "What you want to do? It is only a few hours since was Your escape pod rescued from Arawere deep space and not too long after this again, this time from space around this station! People from local security were asking many questions, and local unofficial FEDs office was too interested!" My good old friend arrived as fast as he was able to, once he heard about my troubles and now was sitting in the chair beside my bed. "I will be OK, what I need to know now is, if he is still around!" He was looking on me with deep disbelief ... "You

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    Ajay's Story 2.0: Ragnarock-n-roll[1]

    I am sure everyone knows Galaxy Rangers, but not everyone knows who exactly they are. A secret order of galactic guardians answering to Orillion directly, or something along the lines of political officers appointed among the members of the clans, or both at the same time - I did not really want to know. Of course, my own complicated position is making me not the right person to speak about it.
    So when I noticed that one of my pen friends - known by his callsign, AZ09 - was elected as a GR of the Dark Phoenix clan, my reaction was more than my usual "huh". I kept that in mind for quite a while, until I've got a message from him, stating, that he is heading to the Inner Core with his Ragnarok.
    I am sure that if any of the readers know Galaxy Rangers, they know the Ragnarok too. Combining the best traits of a Fighter and a Gunboat, Ragnarok is extremely fast and can dish out incredible amounts of damage with its Railgun. Needless to say it's turn

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    Can be a wing meeting ...

    As a wing member I suddenly realised that ED space offers much more activities as I have ever imagined before. For understanding how it can be possible, could be good have first better idea what it is a "Wing" and what it is so called "Background simulation" (BGS) in ED space. As basic can be said that wing is a group of players which have something common (is not defined what) and decided to fly under the same flag. Here can be at distance used comparison with Freelancer/Crossfire clans but when you will go closer, you will see that there can be (are) quite big differences. One from main differences can be possibility use different mods for play ED (solo, private group, open) which all use the same galaxy. These modes limit players direct interaction with other players, but there is that word "direct" ... thing is, that also "solo" player influences a space around him, and therefore (through that) he can become part of something bigger. Bigger wings consist from hundreds

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    On horizon ...

    Horizons, with this new ED season have a lot changed for me. As first ... there are many new places for visit (with countless very nice sceneries), very entertaining flights in low altitude, possibility to leave ship and use SRV (vehicle), and also new mission types and theirs combinations between space and the planets surfaces ... all this multiply possibilities how to have fun. You can spent few hours in Combat zone (CZ), hunt bounties or trade/smuggle and want/need relax, then visit some airless planet/moon and fly at high speed only a few meters above surface in deep canyon, or you can visit some from fortified settlements and tease their air defence, or you can support yours mate which is in his SRV on the surface after he in a hurry leaving guarded settlement after successful infiltration.

    Meeting on planet surface ...
    Horizons came not only with new in-game stuff, but there was also global system change from 32 to 64bit. I need to say that for me is ED on 64bit working much smoother as it was before, fps

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    Searching ...

    Searching a home? ... easy, you have a 400 billion systems for choose! Such a number of systems may cause your searching little longer as initially expected, because on start you will have only very vague idea how should your home system look. For the start you could use a fact, that "home" should be somewhere inside the Bubble, which is a term used for the Humans inhabited part of space in the Milky Way Galaxy in the year 3301. But this will make your search only slightly easier :) ... like searching Pinhead on the football stadium instead around the whole world. With that in mind I first thought about a place where are some nice ships for sale, but it simply was not going into the right direction. Then I tried use few other ways, thought about joining with some commanders group (like Fuel Rats) and use theirs home system, but also this had all the time the false tones. Finally I gave up and put this decision to the future. But recently I had more and more feelings that the future is

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